Penis enlargement

When a man is not satisfied with his penis size, he thinks about his enlargement. There are a lot of home remedies, from ointments and creams to mechanical pumps, but none of them will work. Only surgery to enlarge the penis is considered an effective procedure.

Average penis size is considered to be between 12 and 15 cm during an erection. However, in the normal state, the length and dimensions have a significant difference. It is common for men to be inferior to penis size and width.

Penis size varies with rest and when erect

Before deciding to increase penis size, you need to consult your doctor. Only a few patients really need surgery. Specify to the clinic:

  • developmental anomalies;
  • Its deformation
  • ;
  • congenital micropenis;
  • penetration of the penis.

Any qualified medical center physician will try to prevent you from taking such a responsible step if the action is not needed.

Available techniques

Modern penis enlargement surgery involves enlarging the penis in a variety of ways. At an early stage, it is important to determine what type of correction is needed.

  1. Elongated organ.
    Ligamentectomy is a common surgery in which the penis increases in length. The organ is stretched from 3 to 6 cm, the thickness does not change. The essence of the method is to cut the ligament connecting the penis to the pelvis. In fact, the penis does not increase, the length remains the same. The part of the organ that is not visible will be visible to the eye.
  2. Thickens the penis.
    Lipofilling is also relatively safe. The elongation occurs due to the introduction of subcutaneous fat, biological tissue or silicone into the skin. Men sometimes use this method at home on their own, but this almost always leads to prolapse and abscesses.
  3. Prosthetics.
    Surgery is a seriously complicated surgical procedure, so not all doctors agree. In addition, not all clinics have high-quality equipment used in new-generation medical centers. Cartilage tissue or similar elastomers are used as prosthetics.

Modern medicine proposes the use of implants with an inflatable mechanism. The man independently adjusts the strength of the erection. But not everyone can afford such an invention, so surgeons use special prostheses.

Patients often require an increase in the length and volume of the penis simultaneously, but unfortunately, surgery today does not provide this capability.

Preparing for surgery

Many surgeons practice showing their patients video before surgery, this video shows the progress of surgery. The procedure looked ineffective, so some men immediately refused.

Penis elongation surgery is a complete surgery. After the doctor talks to the patient about the possibility of a penile change, it is necessary to visit the specialist doctor. You will need to donate urine and blood and see a urologist. Before the procedure, blood type and clotting time, Rh factor is determined and excludes the presence of hepatitis and HIV infection in the body. In some cases, an electrocardiogram is prescribed.

The man enlarges the penis by surgery

If all tests are normal, the doctor will indicate the date of the surgery and discuss the cost of the procedure. No need to be hospitalized first. It is important not to eat the day before but only drink a small amount of water.

The night before surgery, you need to take antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.


Duration - 30 minutes. The patient was invited to enter the operating room and undergo anesthesia. After he relaxed and fell asleep, the doctors began the process.

In the past, the penis stretching technique involved an incision through the pubic bone. A scar is still in this place. Today this method is considered obsolete and is not used in modern clinics.

It will be much more aesthetically pleasing to cut the scrotum, cut a line in between. Necessary areas are trimmed with a scalpel. The penis is as long as possible and its position is fixed. The incision site is stitched with absorbent sutures. This method is so effective that after 5-7 weeks the man forgets about the activity.

There are no horrible scars and cuts, so the partner may not know that the patient survived such an operation. Plastic surgeons also assert that this procedure does not negatively affect muscle and blood vessel functioning and will not cause erection problems.

Penis lengthening surgery doesn't come cheap. Prices depend on the qualifications of the doctor, the type of medicine used and the qualifications of the medical center.

Possible Complications

Medical technology has reached the point where complications cannot occur at any level. But unexpected consequences happened. The main reason is due to the poor selection of a surgeon or a poor reputation. A proven medical center tries to avoid complications.

What should be warned the patient after surgery:

  • severe pain with an erection or later during sex;
  • reduces the sensitivity of the head;
  • infection and weakness;
  • bleeding when urinating;
  • unstable position of the penis during intercourse.

These symptoms are believed to be related to penis lengthening surgery if they appear within the first year. Patients should contact the clinic immediately if they notice at least one of the symptoms. The medical center will prescribe a course and rehabilitation therapy.

There are some side effects that will go away but should be checked by a doctor:

  • erectile dysfunction:
  • the appearance of dark spots or bruises on the penis;
  • formed a thrombus in this area;
  • blisters;
  • swollen members.

In all cases, the path of the patient to the attending physician.

After discharge, physical activity and sexual activity should be absent for 3-4 weeks. Don't forget to do personal hygiene and change your underwear regularly. Medications prescribed by a doctor after surgery are required.

Actual Results

First of all, the patient must understand that surgery does not involve multiplying the length of the penis. Male genitalia will change according to reason.

The person being operated on should be fully aware of what will happen. It is possible to extend by 3-5 cm, but it also depends on the structure of the organ and the physiology of the patient. This technique involves wearing a special expander, without it, the penis will return to its original position in a few months.

According to one survey, 97% achieve a stable result and the penis increases by 4-5 cm, the patient's self-esteem increases and the desire to have sex increases.

Whether a person needs surgery or not is up to him. Statistics ensure that in most cases, the surgery is successful, has no complications and is highly effective. But even experienced surgeons believe that enlarging the genitals is a risky step that must be taken in extreme cases.