Penis enlargement pumps

the principle of the pump for penis enlargement

Their penis size is a very small number of men. Even if all their life experiences show that 10-13 cm available is sufficient for a full sex life and comfortable close communication with women, the majority of stronger people haveconsciously or unconsciously thinking about an increase in the penis, or at least the presence of such an opportunity. And in the modern world there are many such opportunities, and one of them is the penis enlargement pump.

Vacuum enlargement mechanism

Experts recommend using a vacuum pump not only to enlarge the penis but also to treat some disorders of the genital area.

Thanks to the erection pump, the penis can "stand" long enough, ie in a state of euphoria, so that the man is ready for intercourse and sexual gratification in the process.

But most devices are specifically used to enlarge the penis. The vacuum pump works quite simply - thanks to the action of the mechanism in the cylinder where the "patient" is placed, the air is pumped out and a low pressure zone forms. The vacuum discharge stimulates blood flow to the penis, filling tissues and making them enlarge. As a result, the organ grows in size and becomes stiff, and the blood entering it appears to be locked, allowing the penis to remain in a swollen-euphoric state for 30-60 minutes.

There are two main types of penis enlargement vacuum pumps: hand pump and electric pump. Obviously the difference lies in how the pump works:

pros and cons of penis enlargement pumps
  • a device with a manual mechanism is a hollow cylinder for one part (20 cm long and 5-6 cm in diameter) and a hand pump ("pear"), to which the air is drawn out of the cylinder;
  • electrical equipment consists of the same cylinder that is vacuum-filled using an electric pump.

The main advantage of a manual penis enlargement pump is its affordability, but if not, you should pay attention to electric models that provide continuous, uniform air release. vacuum-forming intensity control.

We can distinguish this male penis enlargement pump as a hydraulic pump. These devices could be called the next step in the evolution of vacuum pumps, becoming more sophisticated and convenient to use. The hydraulic pump to enlarge the penis is used as follows: one patient hand holds the cylinder facing upright (with hole), the other hand clamps the water stop valve from below. The syringe is filled with lukewarm water, then the penis is dipped in the original position, then the container is pressed tightly with the corrugated iron on the pubic. Important: Care should be taken to remove the scrotum from the site of impact. When the cylinder is in the desired position, it is necessary to perform 2-3 strong strokes to compress the fold and create a strong vacuum.

Enlarging the penis using any type of pump is a pretty effective technique, however, it does require substantial costs - physical and emotional.

pumps for penis enlargement

A man who wants to lengthen his penis will have to be concerned with regular use of the device and devote enough time to the daily procedure. And even if these conditions are met, the end result will depend on the specifics of the man's anatomy, that is, you should not expect that the penis will "grow" further. 10-15 cm, even after stretching, the maximum is 3-6 cm.

Rule for penis enlargement with a pump

Use a penis enlargement pump like this:

  1. Place the penis in the cylinder and pump air out with a pump (either manually or electrically) to create a low pressure area around the penis.
  2. After reaching an erect state, you should endure a certain amount of time. The first two weeks, the procedure can be performed daily for 10 and 15 minutes, respectively during the third or fourth week - twice a day, for 10 and 15 minutes each day. During the fifth week, the session time is 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, during the sixth week - twice a day, 20 minutes a day. Starting from the seventh week, to increase the penis with a pump, maneuvers should be performed three times daily for half an hour.
  3. To complete the process, it is necessary to fill the pump cylinder with air either by pressing the air valve (in manual models this is next to the bulb) or by opening the hole in the flask.

Before the procedure, tools should be treated with an antiseptic and rinsed with warm soapy water.

Important:Once the vacuum in the pump cylinder allows the penis to enlarge, an elastic ring should be attached to the base of the penis, which will prevent bleeding and maintainerection. When the procedure is finished, the ring will need to be removed.

How to enlarge the penis with a pump

There are some tips on how to use a pump in a healthy and unhealthy way:

  • before the operation, you should shave off the groin area, lubricate the penis to protect the skin from excessive stretching and cracking;
  • before you start to enlarge the penis with a pump, all parts of the tool should be disposed of with a disinfectant and rinse with warm soapy water;
  • Do not expose the penis enlargement pump to boiling water, alcoholic solutions, peroxide - this will destroy the structure of the machine, resulting in malfunction and possibly health damage.

Using products like kerosene, various cosmetic creams and vegetable oils as lubricants can also harm the product and the penis in it.

If the conditions listed are met (the instructions accompanying each device will help clarify them), the vacuum pump will work for a long time and the results obtained by stretching the penis by handyour own will make you happy.

Pump rating

As the reviews show, it is very easy to be the owner of a current penis enlargement device. Such devices can be purchased at pharmacies, can be ordered in online stores (you can find out the cost of such a purchase and whether it is possible to deliver at home or not, you can doshows in a few "clicks") or you can even do it yourself (the question of how to make a homemade device, solved by searching for information on the same Internet).

The following evaluation of the efficiency of an industrial pump can be made:

“I have been using the pump for over two years now, and I want to say you have to handle it carefully, because if you pump it too much you could break all the circuits. Of course there are times when the penis does not increase but becomes thicker, more authentic a few centimeters.