The best penis enlargement products

A man measures his penis length

There are many ways to increase penis size in men today. It is worth remembering that they can be used only after consulting a doctor. Modern manufacturers offer special creams, gels, tablets, massage techniques, weight gainers and other means for penis enlargement. But not all methods are equally effective and safe. In some cases, there may be no results.

The nature of the problem

Male genitalia is considered small if its length in the excited state is less than 7 cm.This is extremely rare. Doctors said that, according to statistics, 92% of patients who came to the examination had problems with a small penis with a length of 12 cm or more. This means that their organs are of medium size and do not need to be enlarged.

Men after the age of 50 should be especially careful: they can use folk remedies for penis growth, but it is better they should refuse the drug.Such methods can cause significant harm to the body of the elderly.

Testosterone Preparations

It is suggested that the length and size of the penis depend on the amount of testosterone in the body. However, male hormones affect the duration and quality of sex, not the volume of the penis. Taking drugs containing testosterone is harmful to health when suffering from existing chronic diseases.

It is important to consult with your doctor whether you can use this hormone in each case or not.

Special massage

This approach is popular, but not nearly as effective. Its essence lies in the regular pulling of the organ in different directions.

Rubbing and kneading the penis will improve blood circulation in the groin area, but will not affect size.


The most radical solution to the problem is surgery. This method is effective - it can increase both the length and width of the penis. But such a procedure has a number of possible consequences. These are various infections, impotence, partial or complete loss of sensitivity.

Operation can have immutable results. For example, intercourse will not bring any pleasure, only discomfort. Surgeons should only be consulted if there is direct medical evidence.

Ointment, gel

There are many penis growth products in the form of ointments and gels. Their manufacturers often promise to increase internal organ size by 5-10 cm, however, such results should not be expected.

With the help of gels and different creams, you can achieve a temporary small effect due to heavy bleeding. If the ointment has a warming effect, the increase can be up to + 1-2 cm in an excited state. But even these few centimeters will disappear over time, and the size remains the same.

Folk remedies

There are many popular recipes for the growth of the genitalia - herbal decoctions, infusions, compounds for crushing.

Here are the most famous enlargement and erection products.

Infusion of thyme

Need to take the infusion twice a day half a glass each - in the morning and in the evening. The application process takes about 4 months.


  1. 2 tbsp. l. Chopped herbs.
  2. Pour 0. 5 liters of boiling water.
  3. Emphasize.

Garlic Wine

In this case, you need:

  1. Minced or grated pureed garlic.
  2. Put it in a bowl.
  3. Fill with alcohol (to cover ingredients).
  4. Let infuse for 10 days in a dark place.

The application process is 3 months, 25 drops of tincture per day.

Infusion of ginseng and hawthorn


  1. Taken equal proportions of herbs.
  2. Chopped and poured with alcohol (to cover the ingredients).
  3. Press for about a week.

Every day, it is necessary to rub such a preparation on the genitals. But be careful, as damaged skin can burn and irritate.

Recipe with radish seeds, carrots, milk and butter


  1. Mix 1 kg butter, 1 l cow's milk, 90 g carrot and radish seeds, 1 kg asparagus.
  2. Boil for about 10-15 minutes.

The product should be taken for 1-2 months at a dose of 1 tbsp. l.


You can often find a recipe for rubbing the penis with soda. According to male reviews, this method allows you to effectively increase the penis by 0. 2-0. 5 cm, small but enough for such a simple recipe.

To do the rub you need:

  1. Take a warm or hot bath and steam skin.
  2. Mix vegetable oil (either sunflower or olive oil) with 2 teaspoons. soda (to a consistency that is convenient for application).
  3. Apply the mixture on the penis and massage it with massage movements.

You can use a sponge (face towel) and gently rub the product. Baking soda significantly increases blood circulation, thanks to which the penis swells by several millimeters.


Another option for increasing male penis size is dumbbells. You can buy them in special stores. They are used very simply - they are hung at the top of the penis.

A significant drawback of this method is to reduce the thickness of the organ by lengthening the length.


Another method for increasing the size of men's closed organs is special devices - pumps, or vacuum pumps.

The penis is placed in the container of the device, where the pressure is greatly reduced. As a result, the penis swells and develops.

This non-surgical method of enlarging the male genitals can harm blood circulation, the condition of the blood vessels, even the quality of intercourse, the ability to get an erection. In addition, its results were short-lived. As soon as the swelling stops, the size of the male organ returns to the same.

Increase visual size

To make the penis appear bigger, you can either shave off or remove hair, trim all hair in the groin area.

Weight loss is also recommended. So the size of the organ will visually increase due to the exiting of the abdomen.

Final advice

If you are sure that you need to increase your penis by 5-7cm, don't rush. You'd better reread the tips and advice on how practical it is and how to safely achieve the results.