How to perform a massage to enlarge penis in a man?

The size of the penis is very important, although there are no defining criteria that determine the normal extent of the length and thickness of the organ. According to statistics, more than half of men want to enlarge their penis by 4-5 cm.

There are many ways to solve the problem. Some options are radical, such as surgical interventions, while others do not produce the desired results but need to be applied over a long period of time.

Penis enlargement massage is a simple and affordable way to not only change the size of the larger organ, but also increase the potency. It is done at home. There are several effective techniques.

Penis massage is carried out with the help of hands or with a special device - a vacuum pump. Let's look at what the advantages of these methods are, and do they really help with penis enlargement?

Big penis massage feature

Features of massage to increase penis size

The reproductive organs can burrow and spongy muscles. There are many small compartments inside them - compartments. When men are excited, blood vessels rush. It fills the cavities, so an erection is revealed - the penis becomes stiff and elastic, while also increasing in size.

The essence of penis enlargement massage is to increase the volume and width of these cavernous bodies, leading to the development of the penis in an erect state.

Before massaging the penis, preparation is needed - it loosens the soft tissues of the penis, avoiding injury.

To heat his penis, a man takes a shower or bath for 15 minutes. Additionally: a heating pad with warm water is applied to the organ (only for the shaft of the penis), or immersed in a container with warm liquid.

Massage involves using the Jelqing technique (also known as Jelqing). This technique has the following advantages:

  • Exercising improves blood circulation, increases the pressure inside the cavernous bodies, making them more elastic and elastic;
  • Exercise involves a certain load on the genitals, which must be gradually increased. With pressure on the penis, there is an active formation of new cells, increasing the size of the penis;
  • Positive effect on erectile function - improved sperm quality, potency and libido increased, intercourse time increased.

Penis enlargement massage is done at home. Its downside is its low efficiency.

Important!Regular exercise for 5-7 months increases the length of the penis up to 2 cm.

Self-massage to enlarge the penis

How to enlarge the penis by massage

After starting the penis, a short warm-up is done. It consists of several stages - relaxation, rubbing and shaking. In the initial stage, the organ is lubricated with a cream or lubricant, followed by strokes of the trunk for 5 minutes.

At the second stage, the penis is wrapped around the palm of the hand and slightly rolled in different directions. You don't have to be too zealous - a man guided entirely by his emotions, not pain. The third stage is shaking. It involves waving the penis in different directions.

Beginners should use lubricants during massage. It facilitates movement, reduces load on the penis. The key point of the exercise is a special grip - a ring - the penis is wrapped around the thumb and forefinger at its very base (as close to the pubic as possible). The post is performed on an erect penis.

How to enlarge your penis with massage? Follow these steps:

  1. After starting up, apply lubricant to the penis, gently rubbing on the entire shaft of the organ. There shouldn't be a lot of money.
  2. Apply the clamp to the base of the penis. Then slowly pull the ring towards the head. When done properly, the blood will be observed to move directly into the head, resulting in the blood turning red and swollen.
  3. When a man reaches his head, you need to change hands and repeat the action.
  4. A total of 15-20 methods are needed to get started. Over time, the amount and force can be increased, but only gradually.

This exercise can be used in the future, but does not require the use of lubricants or lubricants.

Important!The dry method promotes more active growth, but often leads to complications - hematoma, bruising, bruising, pain sensation.

Vacuum thickening the penis

Penis enlargement vacuum pump

Exercises that imply certain penis effects must be done for a long time to see first results. They have a definite drawback - with the help of the hand, it is not always possible to apply equal pressure on the genitals, which significantly delays results.

To enlarge the penis, you can use a specialized device - a vacuum pump. The device consists of a bottle - the penis is placed in it and a pump - through which air is pumped into the cylinder, allowing you to exert a negative pressure on the penis.

This tool is best used when a man's goal is to increase the thickness of the penis. Device length affects slightly. After the first application, you can see results, but it is only temporary - an erection is not observed for long. Men say that if you exercise for a long time, then the penis increases in circumference 10-15 mm. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum device to treat erectile dysfunction.

The pump provides a good wake mechanism as it induces blood flow to the reproductive organs. Systemic use increases potency, increases intercourse time.

How to use a penis pump:

  • This method is suitable for beginners. It is necessary to put the penis in the bottle, creating negative pressure in it. Then, put an erectile ring on the base of the organ - it helps maintain an erection. In this position it is 5-10 minutes;
  • The second method is similar to the first one, but the difference is that after using the pump, the penis is massaged by hand for 10-15 minutes.

Example of a pump training scheme: start training for 5-7 minutes. From the second week, increase to 10 minutes. During the third week, you need to do 12-15 minutes. Starting fourth week - several times a day for 5 minutes. During the fifth week - two exercises, each for 10 minutes. In the future, a personalized schedule will be developed. Weekends should be - a day of rest every 7-10 days.

Hand massages and hardware have contraindications. It is impossible to affect the penis on the basis of infectious and venereal diseases, with inguinal hernia, penis deformation, skin pathology in the penile region. Massage is not recommended after drinking alcohol as there is a higher risk of injury due to a lower pain threshold.