How to Enlarge Your Penis

How can you enlarge the penis

A rare man in his life who never thought about whether his penis was too small, especially in his youth, when guys didn't like to show off in front of his friends andmeasure your "strength".

And if the body is too small, the man begins to think of ways to increase it by the means available, although the reality is usually no problem, only the desire to be "bigger" than everyone else. Then no treatment is needed. But sometimes, in more complicated cases, when the male genitals are underdeveloped or psychologically dependent on the size of the penis being too strong, doctors resort to various methods of enlarging the penis. together.

About problem found

The size of the penis for a man is a special "fashion", since a man's genitals in the long tradition of ethnic groups directly reflect masculinity and masculinityhis. Of course, physiologists have long proven that there is no direct link between size and fertility, but the question of how to enlarge the penis has not lessened the concern for men. .

On the Internet and such men's sex stores, all kinds of equipment and ways to promote men's dignity are sympathetically offered, sometimes very expensive. But, in addition to being expensive, these methods and adaptations can also lead to irreversible (and sometimes vice versa! ) Consequences. They damage the genitals, leading to further scarring, deformation, and shrinkage. Therefore, if you really need help, ask your doctor about how to enlarge your penis - experienced urologists and plastic surgeons solve this problem. They will assess the extent of your problem, determine your case management tactics and need for conservative or surgical corrections.

Is it possible or necessary?

First of all, you have to talk right away about the conditions where the doctor will probably deny you penis lengthening surgery and other methods of correction, as this is a rather serious intervention. It is forbidden to take corrective measures for diabetes, STIs, genital herpes, acute cystitis and urethritis until you are cured. In addition, you will be denied treatment for prostatitis and inguinal hernia, dermatitis of different origin, until they are completely cured. Chances are, will forever have to give up the intention to enlarge the penis in case of testicular cancer or lymphoma, paralysis.

The indications for penis enlargement will be its size from 2 to 4 cm, this is called micropenis, and also for some reason the penis 5 to 9 cm in a pulled statelong or erect. Anything over 9. 5 cm is considered a perfectly normal man's penis.

Magnification method

How to enlarge your penis if it's really small? You must work with your doctor to find the answer to this question, choose the best method for yourself. In ancient peoples, the penis enlarged by hanging weights from it and gradually stretching the male organs over the years.

Nowadays, such barbaric methods cannot be applied, they have been replaced by vacuum and pull (traction) methods, corrective surgery.

The first two methods are the conservative penis enlargement method, the third is radical, using surgery.

Conservative. Usually these are special instruments, including a cylinder with a hole for the penis to insert and a vacuum pump. By creating a pressure difference, blood rushes to the penis and enlarges it. Effects are short-lived and are not persistent; it is not used very often.

The second method - wearing a special elongation device - a penis stretcher, in six months of regular practice, you can try to increase the penis by 2-3 cm without surgery. It is true that you need to wear them for up to 6 hours a day, but for their length it's trivial things!

Works. The most radical and effective are the methods of cosmetic penis stretching. In this case, a special ligament inside the penis is repaired. The cavernous bodies are attached to it, filled with blood during an erection. The longer it is left on, the longer the penis itself will be. Activities are used for a variety of reasons. The first cause in the list of causes is a medical pathology - Peyronie's disease, a lack of vagina and a deformity and a decrease in the involvement of the penis, trauma or micropenis (a drastic penis drop).

In most cases, the reason for activity is purely psychological: increased sexual and external attraction; work in special fields (sex services, adult filming); increased self-esteem (with low self-esteem); dressing room syndrome; manic disorder caused by comparing oneself to others and complicated by smaller size; injury caused by a woman during sex due to the size.

In all cases, prior to such surgery, physicians must be convinced of the patient's conscious determination to enhance their mental health and that there are no objective contraindications to surgery. technique.

The specific method of how to enlarge the penis and choose which activity, will be discussed separately, after the examination - then the doctor will also indicate the approximate number of centimeters at which the penis can be openedwide indeed. But thinking it will be more than 3-5 cm is not worth it: it is simply not possible. And is it necessary, is that the question?