We will find out if penis enlargement is real and how many centimeters can you count

In the 21st century, the reality is that anyone can enlarge the penis and become the owner of a large penis. Modern techniques lengthen and increase the volume of the penis by a few centimeters. Some methods are radical, including surgical intervention, wearing a device, while others involve gently adjusting the size of the genitals with sprays, creams, or support. drug support.

Anyone looking to upgrade to a size faces a tough choice. Miniaturization is chosen after consulting a doctor, because radically invasive techniques are not suitable for everyone.

How it works on the penis

Surgery, which is common in male genital plastic surgery, is the most effective way to change size.Thanks to that, the penis is guaranteed to grow for life.. . . Surgery is associated with an increased risk of complications. Need long-term rehabilitation after editing.

The surgical approach leads to external changes in the size of the penis and can eliminate some dysfunctions of the genitourinary system. Young men come to the clinic with a request to enlarge the penis by 4-5 cm.

The doctor decides to intervene after checking the health status and contraindications. Elderly people may be advised to use other methods of lifting. At the age of 55+, the blood pressure readings are often incorrect, and the heart's activity is interrupted.

Purpose of working methods for internal changes:

  1. Stimulates blood flowin the pelvic organs and penis.
  2. Impact on the corpus cavernosumfor the purpose of increasing ductility and elongation.
  3. Positive FillingCaverns widen with pulsating blood flow.
  4. Penile tissue growth. . .
Penis enlargement surgery for men

Gels, creams, drops, oral drugs help the complex action of the penile growth factors.

How to enlarge the penis?

Effective work begins with non-invasive methods. The first of these are pharmacological drugs. That's the advantagethey solve several problems at once:

  • the barrel is modernized in length and volume;
  • revive effect;
  • properly erect the droop;
  • prolong the coitus period;
  • increased desire, brightness of sensations.

Friendly maleplastic does not affect the sexual constitution. . . For men who do not have anatomical pathologies in the structure of the penis, it is better to use a cream.

Surgical intervention

Six types of surgery to correct the size of the penis have been developed.Any type of cosmetic surgery is a long-term restorative surgery.There is a risk of rapid and long-term complications. Men are ready for the consequences, hoping for a 100% result.

Urological surgeons refer to plastic surgery for medical reasons

Types of plastic:

  1. Cut ligaments- works to stretch the penis supported by ligaments - ligaments. The surgeon released its insides. After wearing the expander for 1. 5 years, the barrel elongated. The compartments are overgrown with connective tissue, fixed to a new length for life. The volume remains the same.
  2. Lipofilling- the introduction of adipose tissue into the genital area. During the correction, a portion of the patient's fat is implanted into the body of the penis. This method will help increase its diameter. The downside is the reabsorption of lipid cells within 1-1. 5 years. Need to fix. Fat capsules may form under the skin of the penis. They disrupt the smoothness of the skin, becoming rough, uneven in color.
  3. Implant- Silicone resin delivers results for a lifetime. Capable of excreting the implant.
  4. Balloon- Made of hypoallergenic materials. At the request of the patient, they are implanted into the tissues, increasing the volume. The marbles increase the severity of sensations, stimulating the female areas.
  5. Phalloplasty- it can be whole, when the member is fully and partially restored. In the latter case, the doctor corrects the anatomical abnormalities. After removing the pathology, the stem can be increased in length and volume.
  6. False- aimed at restoring erectile function and accompanied by an increase in size.

The last two methods are taken according to strict medical indications, and not by accident!

The question of surgical penis enlargement is decided with a urologist-surgeon (endocrinologist). The repair requires high financial costs.

Exercises and how to do them

The size is successfully adjusted by continuous training. Penile tissue has the ability to grow like any other tissue.By stretching, a change in length is achieved. The effectiveness of the string tensioning method has been known for a long time. It repairs broken bones, builds damaged muscles. The method is twice as effective in combination with massage and manual techniques.

Exercises for penis growth:

  • Diameter exercise set. . . The trunk is tightly wrapped around, pulling smoothly, leaning in different directions. Finally, lower your head. In each position, the penis is fixed for 10-15 seconds;
  • Jelqing- lengthening an already erect penis. The fingers are placed in a tight ring. The handle is placed at the base of the penis, towards the head. Alternate hands while maintaining pressure. The workout takes about 7 minutes. Always stop before ejaculation;
  • Jelqing (stretching the penis to increase its size)
  • Kegel exercises- muscle tension and extreme relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. Set duration - 5 minutes;
  • Man doing Kegel exercises to increase penis size
  • Stretching with weights- made according to a special technique. Not for beginners. Stretching is started after learning the technique of hanging loads. It works by keeping the penis taut for a long time, gradually adding weight to the suspension.
  • Weight loss is a dangerous method of penis enlargement
  • Massage- Rhythmic activity of tissues before ejaculation. Ejaculation is prevented by clamping the fingers on the glans. It is considered by NUPs as a basic cavernous training exercise for stretching.
  • Regular massage will promote the growth of the penis

Manual methods help to increase the length and width of the penis using a conventional approach. Classes without a program lead to zero growth motivation.

Efficient devices

To magnify at home, special devices have been developed. They adjust the size up to + 4-6 cm.

Devices with proven effectiveness:

  • Vacuum pump. . . Acts like a pump, increasing blood flow. Frequent pumping increases the volume of the cavities, the openings of the cavernous bodies. Exercises are performed daily, for 15 minutes. The first visual results are visible after 8 weeks;
  • Vacuum pump, daily use will enlarge a man's penis
  • Vacuum stretching machineworks on the basis of differential pressure. Stretches tissues, stimulates intensive growth. The barrel is placed in the chamber, the tension is set. Due to the effect of adhesion and closure, the size and shape of the penis is adjusted;
  • Vacuum extender used for penis growth
  • Stretcher- orthopedic devices with traction on the leg, up or to the side. The first two types can only be used at home. The latter - with a belt design, worn outside by men. The extender is effective when properly stretching the shaft of the penis between the ring and cap.
  • Leg Lengthening Machine - Penis Enlargement Tool at Home

The training will not be painful.It is not possible to overdo the vacuum exposure time.Vacuum too much will disturb circulation and cause necrosis.

Method of taking medicine

This method helps to normalize the parameters with minimal risk. Based on the action of herbs, organic products are highly bioactive. The market offers different shapes with the ability to grow the stem from 3–7 cm.

The advantage of the drug is that it is multifunctional in terms of healing effects. . . They successfully modernize size, increase potency, enhance erectile function, prolong intercourse. After application, the sensitivity of the genitals increases, the brightness of the slime.

Real pills for penis enlargement with announced effectiveness are purchased on the official website of the manufacturer. This eliminates the "divorce", cheaper than retail. By ordering drugs directly, men keep complete secrecy.

Creams, ointments, gels, sprays provide external effects. Results develop gradually, as the effect accumulates. Major progress is seen after the first week.

As practice increases, so does the impact of positive change.The man isall rewards: strong boner, long sex, explosive ejaculation. . . The basic course lasts one month. After a break, it is repeated to consolidate the results.

Drugs and hormones

It is taken orally. The active ingredients mobilize metabolism in the pelvic organs,stimulates testosterone production.Therapy renews sexual activity, initiates the development of the penile body. In the matter of growth, dietary supplements with a high content of amino acids, vitamin and mineral complexes work. Tissue growth is promoted by tablets with a protein base, L-arginine.

Doctors' opinions on pills and hormones are controversial. Experts recommend using complex exercises, massage and not skipping the use of oral medications without the appointment of a urologist.


The attachments artificially enlarge the penis. Gadgets are inserted before sex. The best toys are in proven sex stores.


  • faucet ringsimple, with vibrator, with clamp;
  • Cockroach rings will help you temporarily enlarge your penis
  • Expansion nozzlethere are vibrating, embossed, open massagers.
  • Contoured penis enlargement attachment

Nozzle selection is based on material of manufacture, additional functions, desired increase in circumference, length.

How realistic is penis enlargement?

The outcome of corrective surgery depends on the psychophysiology of the patient. The ability to provide good blood, nutrition of additional tissues is important. Progression is influenced by the natural elasticity of the corpus cavernosum (each having its own elastin in its cells).

Some lucky people are maxed out up to +10 cm. . . But often doctors only stop at safe correction up to 6 cm, the lowest progress ranges from 1. 5-2 cm.

Exercises, massage increase by 2-3 cm each time. The frequency of performing the techniques and the skillful combination of gels and ointments, doubles the results. Let's say the same thing about vacuum devices.

Approximately 4-5-6 cm plus is obtained with gels, ointments, sprays used alone. Effectiveness is achieved with regular use.Intimate problems are successfully resolved, a general strengthening effect is underway. Funds help in the fight against sexually infectious and inflammatory processes.

Women speak favorably about natural remedies. They reported increased sensitivity, more vivid orgasms.

Contraindicated when not to do

To safely adjust the size of the penisyou need to have a perfect health. . . If you have chronic diseases of the heart, nervous system, problems with STDs, urethritis, you cannot participate in the techniques. You should only think about penis enlargement after serious health problems have been eliminated.

The use of topical allergy drugs in men is susceptible to similar reactions. Surgical correction is not possible if an anesthetic intolerance is detected, the risk of blood loss is.

As they age, they choose safe products in the form of gels and creams.Young men have more choices in terms of means and methods of modernization. Good health can use pump, muscle machine, high intensity stretcher, jelq.

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Anything done to enlarge the penis increases self-esteem, but not the quality of intimacy. The key to success -health care, gender aesthetics, women's hobbies.

If you need a large size for display brightness and strength, pay attention to a safe and effective method. According to doctors, men these are ointments, gels and creams used in combination with massage and exercises.