How to choose a gel for penis enlargement: reviews and drugs

Men, whose penis does not differ in impressive size, in every possible way want to increase it.

Moreover, this desire arises both in young people and in respectable representatives of the stronger sex.

There are mechanical, medical and surgical methods to enlarge the penis. Which one to choose is up to the man himself.

penis enlargement gel

Penis enlargement products

Mechanical means for penis enlargement include vacuum pumps and extenders. These simple devices are available in the medical device market in a wide variety of types and prices.

The operation of these devices is based on mechanical stretching of the cavernous bodies of the penis. If the impact on internal organs occurs frequently, 1-2 cm can be increased by this method.

Surgical intervention is an extreme measure, often applied in cases where the penis is born with a birth defect and cannot have intercourse for this reason. However, such operations have a lot of contraindications and do not always end successfully.

Even if there are results from surgery, after 2-3 months the penis can regain its original size. This is because during the procedure, adipose tissue is implanted in the male genitalia, under the influence of a number of factors, fatty tissue can be destroyed over time. These are unpleasant scenarios, and the operation costs a lot of money.

Systemic drugs have been shown to be good in this regard. The most popular among men today are means to increase libido and ensure a strong erection, which in itself implies increasing the penis.

Pills are more likely for men with erectile dysfunction, however, they also have an interesting effect, allowing you to enlarge the penis.

Manufacturers of intimate preparations today widely advertise penile enlargement fabrics, which are applied topically.

Gel for male organs

Penis enlargement creams, gels and pills are preparations that are rubbed into the shaft of the penis. Many men are interested in the question: do these funds really help? It is best to look for the answer to it in the reviews of people who have tried the drug for themselves.

Penis enlargement creams, gels and ointments work for a while, so they should be used just before intercourse. The duration of the effect lasts about 2 hours.

What is this gel for?

  • Liniment improves local blood circulation, thereby enlarging the penis.
  • The product helps to moisturize the skin of the penis.
  • The gel is an additional lubricant.
  • The feeling of closeness becomes brighter and deeper.

The most popular drugs

Today's pharmaceutical market is literally flooded with funds to improve people's intimate lives. Penis enlargement creams and gels are no exception. Due to great competition, manufacturers are creating more and more new drugs.

Some remedies work, others don't. This factor depends not only on the quality of the drug, but also on:

  1. how often a man uses the cream;
  2. how serious the problem is (some men just make it up, in fact there is no problem);
  3. how the body reacts to the drug (individual characteristics).

It is possible for a man to simply take a remedy to improve an erection. Preparations based on pantogematogen (extracted from young deer antlers) have unique qualities. They not only eliminate erectile dysfunction, but also contribute to the rejuvenation of the entire body.

If a man still believes his "dignity" needs to be increased, he will be offered gels and ointments for topical use.

Gel or cream should be applied to the entire surface of the penis, but at the same time avoid getting the drug on the delicate skin of the glans. Hand movements should be rhythmic, massage. Rub in the product until it is completely absorbed.

In addition to the fact that the drug acts on the organ, penile massage is a kind of mechanical stretching of the penis. Over time, the cavernous bodies of the penis gradually increase and no longer return to their original state.

Can a permanent effect be achieved by using the gel?

Ointments for penis enlargement can provide lasting effects with prolonged use.

And the feeling that the penis has actually increased through a strong erection, can be achieved with the use of sprays and powders.

One of the effective drugs is potency spray.

Spey has many advantages:

  1. Make the erection last longer.
  2. Increase intercourse time.
  3. Enhance libido and brighten pleasure.
  4. Improve semen quality and quantity.
  5. Promotes a prolonged orgasm in a woman.
  6. Against impotence.

Opinions of doctors

We strongly recommend that you consider the opinion of doctors, urologists and surgeons who are well aware of the problem of genital size and how to increase the penis in both dimensions. length and thickness.