How to quickly expand membership: in a day, a week, a month

The size of the penis is a topic that was and is still relevant. Once a man has decided to increase his penis size, he often looks for quick ways to keep the results in the long run. However, this matter needs to be approached very delicately so as not to cause irreparable harm to your health. Patience and self-respect will help you achieve the results you want without sacrificing male power.

How to enlarge your penis in a day

There are several ways to enlarge your penis in such a short period of time.

As a rule, all of them give only a temporary effect. It will not be able to maintain the large size of the penis for a long time.


Any sex toy store will offer you a wide selection of penis attachments. They come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, are specially coated or simply plain.

With the help of special accessories, you can achieve an increase in penis length and thickness quickly and with absolute safety for both partners. The tips are made of rubber or silicone and do not cause allergic reactions.

Penis enlargement attachment

Ointments, gels, creams, tablets and vitamins

A man having problems with potency can safely seek help from many medications. The main thing is to carefully read the composition, instructions for use and not fall for the tricks of the trade. There is no magic effect of rapid penis enlargement, no matter how hard the manufacturers try to convince you of this.

The main principle of action of ointments and gels for penis enlargement is to improve erectile function. The substances contained in such preparations increase blood flow to the penis, as a result of which the man feels warm and aroused. The cream is used mainly before intercourse to achieve a long-lasting erection and to enhance the pleasure of intimacy.

take pills to enlarge the penis

Special attention should be paid to drugs and vitamins to increase penis size. A thorough study of the composition of the tablets will help determine the presence of male sex hormones, such as testosterone. Taking hormone pills incorrectly can lead to disruption of male sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction pills should contain natural ingredients, extracts of various medicinal plants (ginger, ginseng, etc. ), vitamins (A, B, C, E) and trace elements (zinc, magnesium, selenium).

Important!Look for creams and gels that contain natural ingredients. You only need to buy drugs and cosmetics for penis enlargement at certified stores or pharmacies.


You can quickly enlarge your penis at home with the help of mineral fat injections. This procedure is done exclusively at home - no doctor will give you an injection in the clinic, as this method is strictly forbidden by traditional medicine.

About 15 ml of kerosene is aspirated into the syringe and injected at a 45-degree angle into the fold of the penis. Injections are given until the grease is evenly distributed over the tissues of the penis. Mineral ointment injections can immediately increase the thickness of the penis and increase its elasticity in the non-erect state.

This method causes a strong inflammatory response in the tissues of the penis. After a while, a tumor forms inside the organ and must be surgically removed.

How to extend a membership for a week, for a month

One of the fastest ways to enlarge your penis is surgery. Cosmetic procedures of this type are performed by transferring fat or other tissues from the man's body into the penis. Doctors can increase the length of the penis by cutting the internal ligaments, or increase its thickness and volume with implants, silicone injections, or biogels. The surgical method is used only in cases of pathology, disease or visceral curvature.

Recovery can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. In the postoperative period, men should not have sex and masturbate, need to be constantly monitored by a doctor, take medicine.

Penile lengthening surgeries are expensive and are performed only when indicated.

Penis lengthening surgery

Exercises: massage, jelqing, kegel

Regular implementation of special massage exercises as well as exercises according to jelqing and Kegel methods will help achieve the desired results after a month.

Regular massage can be performed at any time at home by pulling the erect penis from the shaft to the glans and vice versa. To avoid discomfort, use different lubricants or special gels and ointments.

The jelqing massage is performed in a similar way using the thumb and forefinger connected in a ring.

The Kegel technique is aimed at improving sexual potency and performance. With the help of exercise, the anal muscles are trained. This muscle can be felt during urination by trying to stop the flow. To get results, you need to perform daily, stretching for 3 seconds, 20 times a day.

The main thing when performing exercises is not to cause discomfort to yourself and to prevent the formation of bruises.

Pumps, stretching machines

It is not difficult to buy a vacuum pump or stretcher. Special devices are sold in any convenience store. The pump works on the principle of a pump and forces blood to actively flow to the tissues of the penis, resulting in a strong erection. This method, if used wisely, is completely harmless and will help to enlarge the penis by a few centimeters.

The extender increases the length of the penis. The device is strapped to the penis and worn for several hours each day. The effect is achieved by stretching the tissue, forcing the cells to divide and grow, filling the void. This method has been tested by many men, they noticed an increase in penis length by 1. 5 - 2 cm after a few months of regular use.

Can strengthen rogue quickly. Nowadays there are many ways and methods to help you get quick results in a day, a week or a month. However, whether sacrificing your health to save time is worth it or simply continuing to enjoy an active sex life without the need for drugs and surgery is up to you.