Effective penis enlargement exercises

man doing exercises to increase penis size

Everyone knows how important it is for a woman to have a figure, and if she is recovering even the smallest gram, then this is truly a tragedy. The situation is similar for men, but they are more concerned with the size of their penis. Men use all sorts of tricks to at least slightly increase the size of their penis. Such a desire is to some extent justifiable, because by their very nature, representatives of the male sex rather than male, in every way want to please women. But the small size of a man's penis makes him uncomfortable and makes him insecure, which, of course, does not affect the productive quality of life in the best way.

How to solve the problem

Today, there are many known ways in the fight against such problems in men, ranging from all kinds of creams, ointments, ending with surgical intervention. But the simplest and safest remedy is effective penis enlargement exercises. You can watch these exercises on videos online. They are very simple and you can make them at home.

Surprised girl with increased penis size

So, if you have decided to use this home remedy for penis enlargement, then you should be prepared for the exercises. To finish them, you'll need to get a clean towel, lubricant and a ruler, and don't forget a notebook of results. First, you need to do the following - measure your penis and record its size in a notebook, then record your progress weekly.

An important point: from the time we were in school, each of us knew the structure of the male genitalia. If you still don't remember - it consists of three cameras: a small one at the bottom and two large ones at the top. The lower chamber is for urination, while the rest is for erection.

Exercises for different purposes

Let's look at some exercises that have different goals:

1. Exercises for the penis to thicken.

Exercises designed to thicken the penis also have several degrees of severity and are generally divided into:

  • compression and its types;
  • by cycle.

As for the thickness of the penis, any exercise should be done after the warm-up and warm-up, finally you need to do the massage. This will give you a penis at least 3cm thick and you can relax too. It is necessary to do everything, pay attention to safety measures, and when there is a slight feeling of pain, it is better to immediately stop exercising so as not to injure yourself. You may notice changes in the thickness of your penis over time. And if you are not satisfied with its thickness, then you can continue the course.

penis growth chart during exercise

2. Penis enlargement exercises at home

The penis can be lengthened by the mechanical properties of traction. The ideal way to enlarge the penis in men is the manual method. That is, you should act with your fingers. These exercises are done for 20 minutes a day at home. And you will achieve an increase in penis size up to 3 cm. It is better to do these exercises at home in the evening or in the morning. In addition, before self-medication, visit your doctor for examination and advice.

Please note that any exercise has its own level of stress, which must be kept in mind. Need to gradually move to a more difficult level.

Before making the mixture, you should take a towel and soak it in warm water. We put it on our stomach for a few minutes, then wrap the penis in a towel and hold it for about 5 minutes. Such a warm-up before performing certain exercises is necessary to prepare the penis for load and, therefore, to increase blood flow. After that, dry the penis and start the complex.

Let's refer to some of the most effective penis enlargement exercises:

Stretch your muscles

First, you should stretch the muscles of the penis. You need to grab the male genitalia below the head of the base and quietly pull away from you. With this exercise, you will be able to develop the ligaments that lead to the lengthening of this organ in men.


This exercise is called Jelq, which translates from Arabic as "milking". For this exercise, you should do the same technique as pulling up a man's penis. Don't forget to lubricate. The maximum lengthened penis should be held in this position for about 15 seconds. This number of repetitions must be done within five minutes, until you reach the 100 mark.


The last exercise is aimed at restoring blood circulation in the pelvic organs. To do this, you will need to massage the penis in a circular motion about 30 times. Thanks to this exercise, normal blood circulation is restored.

Finally, grab the penis and try to loosen the clamp at the base of the penis. You should feel how the blood will flow. In addition, if you feel pain during exercise, you need to stop exercising.

3. Kegel exercises

These exercises demonstrate a forced erection. They will help you achieve the desired length of the penis. After treating the penile area with the help of some special creams, you need to perform vertical movements of a progressive nature. Over time, increase the intensity with two fingers, bringing this organ into an erection state, before starting to gently squeeze the tip of the penis for a few seconds.

4. Stretching exercises

Stretch a relaxed and non-erect penis slowly for about 15 seconds for about 10 reps.

A similar complex must be repeated in different positions: with turns about 360; like a pendulum; double stretch; V-stretching; A-line stretch marks and so on.

After practice

After exercising at home, you should definitely give your penis some time to rest and recover. In addition, it is possible to increase the length of the penis with a specialized weighing device, which must be worn for about 8 hours. But this is a way of causing pain and discomfort. Thanks to the above complex, you can achieve an excellent result:

  • you can increase the size of the penis,
  • repair the defect on it,
  • potency improvement and more.

In addition, to achieve more effective results, you need to give up bad habits, eat in moderation, do not let it get too cold and exercise. If you have already decided for yourself which complex option to choose, then you still have to take into account all the above points. Before starting to perform the complex, it is better to create a comfortable position for yourself, observe the intervals, always use lubricants, need to warm up the penis first, do not burn during the procedure. implementation process.