The best ways to enlarge your penis with folk remedies, without drugs and chemicals

Men are always interested in innovative methods to increase the size of the penis without surgery. And even a phrase they hear while scrolling through makes them think of trying this method out for themselves.

Today, medicine is at a high enough level to provide men with quick and safe surgeries to increase their male dignity. But not everyone dares to use this method. After that, men started looking for different folk remedies and exercises to increase penis size at home.

What methods exist?

Warm up the penis before enlarging

Many ways have been developed to increase the size of the penis using various devices, ointments, gels and folk remedies. There are also the following devices: vacuum pump, lengthening machine, to help enlarge the penis at home without surgery.

Among the advantages of these devices is that they are quite easy to use, do not require special skills and do not take much time.

In addition, special techniques have been developed to act on the penis through massage and various exercises. In the past, these methods were developed solely for the purpose of enhancing potency. One of the most common examples of this is jelqing.

To increase male dignity, drugs are widely used, the majority of which are hormonal agents. These drugs act on the body and cause a small increase in the size of the penis, but are mainly aimed at improving erections.

The drug should not be used without consulting a specialist first. Your doctor will help you choose the right dose and duration of use.

The final method that guarantees 100% results is surgery. With the help of surgical intervention, it will be possible to achieve not only a change in the length, but also the width of the penis. This option is financially expensive and also requires mental preparation, confidence in the alternative, as well as the availability of operational instructions.

What are the most popular methods?

If talking about folk methods to help change the size of the penis, the following methods must be mentioned.


Penis Enlargement Massage

To do this, you will need to purchase a lubricant. The penis must be brought to a light erection. The best option is 50%. The penis should be wrapped with lubricated fingers at the base. Next, start doing movements from the base to the tip of the penis very gently and slowly. Do the same movements in the opposite direction. You need to gradually increase the speed.

After the penis reaches its maximum size, you need to grasp it with the palm of your hand near the head, and the other hand near the base.

Keeping the penis in this position, you need to begin to stretch it rhythmically. When you reach the maximum stretch, you need to hold the guitar for 10 seconds in this position.

During the massage, the man should not experience any unpleasant sensations. Otherwise, this will stretch the ligaments and skin.


Initially Jelqing required the penis to be in a slightly aroused state. The max stat is no more than 70% of the max size. Next, you need to form a loop of your thumb and forefinger and wrap them around the base of the penis. Slowly push the hoop up to your head. The distance from the base to the head made in 3 seconds is optimal.

jelqing for penis enlargement

After touching the tip of the penis with one hand, it must be performed immediately with the other hand. This will ensure that the impact on the penis does not stop. To achieve a noticeable effect, you need to perform such movements at least 100 times.

During the procedure, the fingers should grip the penis firmly, without causing discomfort. When the penis reaches its maximum size, you can stop so as not to injure the vessels.

Among the most unusual methods is stimulation of biological hotspots. However, the effectiveness of this approach has yet to be proven.

Doctors say that stimulating certain areas of the body can affect the size of the penis, glans, and even testicles. The action is to gently massage certain points. It is believed that these zones are located on the back of the hand, closer to the base.

Soft drink

Among the folk remedies aimed at changing the size of the penis without ointments and drugs, sodas must be mentioned.

This is a pretty simple product at an affordable price point. Soda can be purchased at any store. This is one of the effective folk remedies. The method does not require special skills and does not take much time.

You need to take a teaspoon of baking soda and stir in a glass of water. Then soak the ruffins in the solution for 10-15 minutes. It is important to remember that the procedure must be done at least an hour before planning to have sex. Results will be noticeable after the first application.

You can also use baking soda as a cleaning agent. To do this, you need to wet the penis with water, and then apply soda on it. The product must be thoroughly rubbed into the man's dignity, and then washed off. In a few months, the change can reach 2 cm.

If you experience a burning sensation or other discomfort while using the product, you must immediately stop the procedure and rinse the fresh water off the penis. It is also unacceptable to perform a surgery when there is damage to the penis.


Herbs are used internally rather than externally like soda. Which tools are suitable:

  • chestnut tincture;
  • collect herbs from blueberries, St. John's wort and elderberry;
  • decoction based on ginseng or hawthorn;
  • aloe juice.

It is forbidden to use aloe vera juice for acute diseases during exacerbations that affect the urinary system.

His way

There are several classic methods that do not require the use of ointments, pills and other drugs.

  • In the early morning, a man should go to the garden and dig a glass of worms, and then dry them. Then they need to be mixed with 1 kg of finely chopped nettle and a liter of honey. Stir all ingredients and place in a cool and dark place for 10 days. After this time, you need to apply the product on the penis throughout the night. The time of application must be calculated so that the last time coincides with a moonrise.
  • Bee sting. Provided that there is no allergy to the bite, you will be able to achieve noticeable results.
  • Food and herbs.

It is important to check for allergies to the ingredients before use.

Should I wait for the results?

woman surprised by the increased size of a guy's dick

With the help of folk remedies, you can gain from 2 to 9 cm but it is important to note that folk remedies never give instant results.

It all depends on the chosen method and whether the man is ready to spend more than a month to achieve results. At the same time, it is important to take care of your body and strictly follow the instructions.