Is penis enlargement with soda practical - simple ways

The problem of increasing penis length without surgery worries many men. The simplest, cheapest, and safest method available at home is to use regular baking soda. Is it possible to enlarge the penis with baking soda, how to use it and are there any side effects - we will tell you below.

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Can you enlarge your penis with baking soda?

Enlarge penis with soda- an ambiguous solution to the problem. Many men who have tested this technique on their own experience have been satisfied. Some argue that this method is not very effective. So, before using baking soda for these purposes, it is important to weigh the pros and cons.
By itself, baking soda cannot directly affect the genitals. But when it enters the body, it removes toxins and toxins, and at the same time activates the production of testosterone. In moderate quantities, soda has a positive effect on the circulatory system, in particular, it cleans the blood, prevents blood clotting and prostatitis.

It is important to understand that soda increases the size of the penis slightly, and the effect is short-term. After a while, when the action is over, the penis is back to the way it was. In this regard, it is recommended to use this method at least an hour before the scheduled time.

Note!Even with regular rubbing of the penis with soda, the effect will last no more than an hour or two. Therefore, there is no need for an ongoing procedure. The product will give best results with a single application. Furthermore, due to uncontrolled use of sodium bicarbonate, side effects can occur.

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The effect of soda on the male body

The beneficial properties of baking soda can improve male health and increase male potency, although baking soda is not on the list of aphrodisiacs.

Proponents of soda consider it a reliable remedy to save from male misfortunes:

  • When baking soda enters the male body, it normalizes metabolism and hormone production, including testosterone. This has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the reproductive organs.
  • Drinking soda internally increases lymphatic flow to the pelvic organs.
  • Soda cleanses the body, removes toxins and boosts immunity. A strong body and strong immunity make a man resistant to stress and therefore tough in bed.


Preparation for the procedure is quite simple. Just wrap your penis with a soft towel soaked in warm water. This will help activate blood flow and increase skin elasticity. The movement is performed several times within an hour before the start of the massage. In addition, at the preparatory stage, you need to make a mixture for construction: soda and water in a ratio of 1: 1 are mixed into a thick mixture. If desired, you can add a children's moisturizer to the composition. It will help avoid possible discomfort from massaging, skin peeling and itching.

Method of restraint

There are several methods of penis enlargement at home, which you are better off refusing. Otherwise there is a high risk of complications.

Attention! Many methods are based on male speculation and without any confirmation of their effectiveness. Only a doctor can choose an effective penis enlargement tactic.


The main negative effect of the drug is hormonal imbalance.

Most male enhancement pills contain hormones and biologically active ingredients. These drugs often have a large number of contraindications and side effects.

We advise you to study - Means for potency after a heart attack without side effects

The use of hormonal drugs can only help increase the size of the penis during adolescence. During puberty, the body is still actively growing and developing. After the development is complete, such pills will not be able to help.

The main negative effect of the drug is hormonal imbalance. This in turn leads to many side effects. Including:

Positive effects of baking soda
  1. Decreased erectile function.
  2. Disruption of the gonads.
  3. Reduced performance.
  4. Decrease in psycho-emotional state.
  5. Occurrence of somatic pathologies.

In addition, hormonal agents can adversely affect the functioning of the liver and kidneys, since they create an increased load on these organs.

Suspend loading

Another method that should not be used to increase penis size is to hang weights on the penis. This technique was used in ancient times by African tribes. For boys, from infancy, weight is hung on the shaft of the penis.

Over time, the weight of the load increases. This method allows you to lengthen the penis by a few centimeters. But as a result of such procedures, the penis becomes thinner, and erectile function is impaired. Therefore, hanging is not worth the practice.

Application process - how to increase

The most common uses of baking soda are massages, baths, and scrubs.


Massages are the most popular. It must be done carefully because the skin of the genitals is thin and sensitive. It may be damaged by rough movements and strong friction. This technique is aimed at stretching the tissues of the penis. When combined with baking soda, massage helps to distribute blood flow through the veins and thus enlarge the organ.
Water is also mixed with warm water in a ratio of 1: 1. The movements of rubbing and straightening. Run from the base of the penis to the end. Do not expose your head or allow fresh water to get in.

The massage should be done for about 20 minutes. Once done, you should be completely relaxed and horizontal. If you immediately get up and start doing your daily activities, your body will consider it as stress, which means there will be no beneficial effects from the procedure.


The second effective method is bathing. You can take it no earlier than 60 minutes before having sex.
Preparing a bath is not difficult: It is recommended to mix 200 ml of water with 1 teaspoon of baking soda. After receiving the solution, the penis should be soaked in it for 15 minutes. Then use a clean towel to gently wipe the skin and, if possible, wrap the organ to keep it warm for a while.


The third most common method is scrubbing. First you need to dilute1 teaspoonsoda with2canteenspoon of water. Lubricate the skin of the penis with the resulting composition and gently massage for five minutes. Then wash off the composition and pat it on the skin until completely dry.

Attention!Do not apply exfoliating mixture on your head. There is a high probability of damage and further unpleasant consequences.

It is worth mentioning that you can add honey, warm milk or baby cream to the scrub mix. When using this or that remedy, you should definitely test it, having treated a small area of skin before.

Be careful!To avoid bacterial infection, movements on the surface of the genitals must be done carefully. If it feels hot or itchy, wash it off immediately with warm water.

The above operations are not recommended to be performed more than once a day. Duration of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks, depending on skin condition and general feeling.

It makes no sense to use baking soda to enlarge the penis. . . In addition, although safe for the human body, there is still a risk of poisoning, increasing or decreasing acid in the stomach, causing ulcers.

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The combination of baking soda and lump powder

If the question of the benefits of soda, the opinions of men on the forum are divided, many people mention miracle exercises performed simultaneously with "soda therapy".

One type of unsafe exercise is called a clamp. Literally translated from English, it means "clamp with a forceps. " The point of the exercise is to divert the external veins to delay the outflow of blood from the penis.

The essence of the technique:

  • You will need a properly sized car or locksmith clamp to compress the base of your penis.
  • You should start exercising with a squeeze for no more than 5 minutes.
  • When doing the exercise, remember to move. Not allowed to sit or lie down even if it feels uncomfortable.

Judging by the reviews, you can gain an extra 2-3 cm in penis size if you train for six months every day. But you should not forget about soda and drink soda solution.

It is important to note that the exercise is not safe. People with vascular problems or diseases of the genitourinary system cannot perform the exercise.

Soda combined with other products

The penis can be enlarged with soda if you combine massage, bath or scrub with other methods, such as with olive oil, a mixture of honey and mint balm:

  1. Olive oil is applied to the skin after applying baking soda to prevent injury, itching, and peeling of the skin.
  2. Honey is used along with baking soda to increase elasticity and soften the skin. The ingredients are mixed in a 1: 1 ratio.
  3. Incubating with menthol containing essential oils can improve and speed up the action of baking soda. It should be used in combination with sodium bicarbonate, preferably in a 2: 1 ratio.

Cooking recipe

There are several ways to use baking soda to enlarge your penis. However, before proceeding with any procedure, you should consult a specialist.

Soda massage

compress with baking soda for penis enlargement

This procedure is the most common, but in order to achieve a positive effect, it must be performed correctly and systematically. Before conducting direct massage, you need to prepare the penis. To do this, take a soft towel, soak it in warm water, and wrap it around the penis. After a few minutes, the procedure is repeated 3-4 times.

You can choose any exercises, but it should be noted that their purpose is to increase the penis. During the rest between exercises, it is imperative to normalize blood circulation in the organ, for this it should be massaged with light movements. Sodium bicarbonate is recommended for this relaxing massage. To do this, you should put a little soda in the palm of your hand and then perform light rubbing movements. After the massage is done, you need 15-20 minutes. Lie down as relaxed as possible.

Compressed soda

This method is also used by many men to enlarge the penis. To make a suitable solution of sodium bicarbonate for compresses, it is necessary to pour 100 mg of warm water into the container and pour 1 or 2 large spoons of the substance into it. Everything is mixed. Then you need to take such gauze so that they can completely wrap the entire penis. It is moistened in the resulting mixture and wrapped around the penis. Remove the gauze after a few minutes.

Such application should be done daily for 30 days. If the procedures are performed infrequently, there is little meaning to be gained from them. If desired, you can pour a few drops of aromatic oils into the mixture, while using male aromas (cypress, cardamom, etc. ). This will allow the man to relieve stress.

Drink soda inside

Drink soda by mouth to enlarge the penis

Sodium bicarbonate should be supplemented with exercises aimed at elongation of the penis. She can thin the blood. As a result, the blood supply to the penis will increase, which has a positive effect on training results.

It is recommended to drink soda solution every morning on an empty stomach. To prepare, you need to take 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and 200 ml of warm water. However, you should start drinking soda with the third part of a teaspoon. Then gradually increase the quantity.

Soda oil massage

To perform this procedure, you will need to coat the penis with any vegetable oil. Then sodium bicarbonate must be applied to the entire length of the organ. Then, you proceed to massage the length of the penis, while performing light massage movements. You should not press too hard, as this can damage the delicate skin. The massage should be done within 3-5 minutes.

Soda bath

To make such a bath, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of water and sodium bicarbonate (1 large spoon of this substance is taken for 1 liter of water). The water temperature should be between 38-41 degrees. Bath time is about 15 minutes.

Massage with soda - honey To perform, you need to prepare a mixture of honey and soda. These two components must be taken in equal proportions and mixed together. The resulting mass is applied to the entire length of the organ, after which it must be massaged, while making light rubbing movements. The duration of the procedure is from 3 to 4 minutes.

Possible side effects

doctor's opinion about soda

The most common side effects of using baking soda are: eroding the delicate skin of the organ, pain and discomfort in the groin area. The recovery of damaged epidermis will take a long time. This must be kept in mind when deciding whether to use the product regularly or not.
Baking soda destroys beneficial bacteria, eliminates opportunistic microflora, reduces immunity. As a result, it is possible to develop unpleasant diseases such as candidiasis, cystitis or salpingitis.
Serious adverse reactionMay occur in people who:

  • Individual intolerance to soda;
  • Increased acidity in the stomach (risk of peptic ulcer disease);
  • Sensitive skin (at risk of irritation, allergies and inflammation).

There are also negative consequencescan occur in men with malignancies (soda creates a favorable environment for cancer cells to grow) and people with a history of diabetes.

NormallyIf you follow the precautions and do not abuse the procedures, there will be no side effects. Therefore, before using soda, you should check the expiration date, do not exceed the dosage, only use clean hands to massage and exfoliate and do not use the product if there are contraindications above.


Baking soda is a natural substance, which means it is generally safe to use. However, like any product, it has contraindications. The use of soda for massaging or compressing the penis is prohibited:

  • When there is a wound, a rash on the skin.
  • With individual body intolerance to the product.
  • With some pathological changes in the internal organs (you need to consult a doctor).

The internal use of soda has all the same factors as the external use, as well as a number of additional contraindications. Including:

  • Chronic gastritis and other diseases with a violation of the acidity of the stomach.
  • Ulcers.
  • Allergic reaction to the product.

It is strictly forbidden to use soda that has expired, before using you must check the expiration date indicated on the package. In addition, if the powder has not expired but has yellow color, unpleasant smell or other defects, it is also prohibited to use.

Other ways to enlarge your penis

You can increase breast size by yourself, in addition to soda, using vacuum pumps, jelqing techniques and special preparations. Some users practice penis enlargement through weights, hormones, injections, and ligament cutting (surgery).
Among the methods presented, the safest are vacuum pumping and jelqing. In other cases, negative consequences can occur. In addition to rash, burning, peeling, itching and mechanical damage to the skin, there is a possibility of hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, exacerbation of existing chronic diseases.

The penis enlargement pump is indicated for erectile dysfunction, prostate surgery, rehabilitation after radiation therapy. This is a completely safe device that is unlikely to cause damage (in the form of injury) when used correctly. Thanks to the pump, it is possible to increase the length by 10%, but with regular use there is a risk of bruising, lymphedema, darkening of the scalp, blood stains and microvascular damage.

Techniques to enlarge the male penis - Jelqing.

The jelqing technique is intended to stretch the tissues and is similar to masturbation (without ejaculation) with the application of certain rules. Before the procedure, you need to warm the organ with a random heating pad (wetted with a towel in hot water and salt). Then apply lubricant along the entire length of the penis. Next, connect your thumb to the index finger with the letter "o" and drive it up and down along its surface. After a few minutes of massaging, you should squeeze the formed ring and slowly stretch the penis in the same direction with effort. After a while (about 30 repetitions), it is necessary to squeeze the penis with an open palm. Repeat the exercise 50 times without getting an erection.

What other purposes do men use soda for?

There is not one authoritative source that shows evidence for the effect of baking soda on the change in the size of the penis. The authors of articles on penis enlargement with soda mention only its auxiliary capabilities. Some people recommend softening the tissues of the penis with this substance before exercising with a hanger, a stretching device.

Sodium bicarbonate crystals can damage mucous membranes, corrode mucous membranes, or cause allergic reactions. So, deciding to test your own experience whether it is possible to enlarge the penis with baking soda, you run the risk of injury and being forced to give up sex for a while.

On the Internet, it is recommended to apply baking soda before applying jelqing, but we recommend using creams specifically designed for this. For example, some of them fill the tissues with oxygen and increase blood circulation, so the organ looks bigger when erect. In addition, the cream relieves fatigue after exercise with stretching equipment and partially prevents the appearance of symptoms of overtraining, often seen in beginners. If a man accidentally injures the skin of the penis, the cream will help him recover faster.

In jelqing, the product is suitable as a lubricant and accelerates the onset of workout results. That's right, the effect of this massage on the growth of the penis, which has come to us since ancient times from the ancient Arabs, will take 2-3 years to wait. However, massage gives proven results, unlike baking soda.

The benefits of soda according to Neumyvakin

Professor I. P. Neumyvakin, in his book on soda, detailed its useful properties. According to him, sodium bicarbonate can be used equally effectively for baking and treatment. Soda for male organ enlargement is also applicable because it:

  • has a disinfecting effect;
  • remove cholesterol;
  • clean blood vessels;
  • cell regeneration.

Soda for the penis is applied in the form of an external agent and orally. However, this technique has some contraindications, the professor recommends you seek advice from your doctor before starting to perform.

Useful properties of soda

Baking soda contains bicarbonate anion and sodium cation. The combination of these substances when entering the human body will have a positive effect. After drinking soda inside, within a few minutes the acid-base balance is normalized, as a result:

  • stable blood pressure;
  • existing edema is reduced, as soda acts on the kidneys and removes harmful acids;
  • the degree of oxygen absorption through the tissues increases;
  • energy and biological processes are restored at the cellular level;
  • hemodynamics returned to normal.

Soda helps when:

  • bronchitis;
  • heartburn;
  • fungal infections;
  • burns, especially acid burns;
  • problems with facial skin and hair, with dental plaque
  • fat. Soda baths tone the body, lose extra pounds.

Under the influence of soda, the result of a healing process in the body after drinking it: the psychological state and general well-being are improved, that is, appetite, mood and ability to work increase.

How to use baking soda to increase potency?

Soda is also very often used to increase potency. Therefore, it is recommended to take a soda bath, enema and at the same time bring this substance inside. In case the cause of impotence is due to psychological factors (stress, anxiety, depression, etc. ), it is recommended to combine all the above mentioned treatments for the best effect.

  1. Sodium bicarbonate bathCarbonated soda baths perfectly combat inflammation in the urinary-reproductive system, they also cleanse the body from toxins and toxins and improve metabolism. It is recommended to carry out such a procedure every day in the evening. To do this, you need to fill the bathtub with water, the temperature of the water should be close to body temperature. Then a solution is poured into it, consisting of 500 grams of sodium bicarbonate and 3 liters of boiling water. You should not bathe in this water for more than half an hour. After that, you need to shower again with a cool shower.
  2. MicroclysterIf you use the soda solution regularly, it will be an excellent prevention of diseases such as prostatitis and prostate tumors. To make, you need to prepare a mixture that includes 1 large spoon of sodium bicarbonate and a liter of pre-boiled water.
  3. SwallowSwallowing a soda solution inside can also improve potency. However, this formula is only suitable for preventing impotence. To prepare the solution, you need to take 200 ml of lukewarm milk and dissolve half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in it. Everything is stirred and drunk. You should drink such a solution in the morning on an empty stomach every day. The duration of the course is from 10 to 25 days.

Benefits of breast augmentation at home

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If you strictly follow all the rules of performing the procedures, then the home methods will not bring any harm to the body.

How to enlarge the penis at home is done quite often by men, because only a few decide to consult a doctor. These methods have their positive sides. Including:

benefits of baking soda
  1. Profitability. At-home treatments don't cost much more than medical ones. This makes penis enlargement available to every man.
  2. Simplicity. No special skills are required to lengthen the penis. It is enough just to watch training videos and strictly follow the rules of performing a particular procedure to become familiar with the rules of performing a particular procedure.
  3. No need to create conditions to increase. Many techniques can be performed anytime, anywhere. No special training required.
  4. Guard. If you strictly follow all the rules of performing the procedures, then the home methods will not bring any harm to the body.

Attention! There is a downside to penis enlargement methods. Their effectiveness is observed after a long time.

It takes patience to achieve the desired results.

Despite the fact that there are methods related to penis enlargement at home, you should first consult a specialist.