Attachment to the penis: purpose, types, rules of application

The size of the penis does not satisfy both partners leading to inability to achieve pleasure in bed, serious psychological problems, quarrelsome and negatively affects all aspects of life. Genital enlargement by various methods takes time, and not everyone is ready for an operation. An instant solution to such a delicate problem is to allow penile nozzle sex, allowing you to please your other half. The functionality of the device is not limited to this.

What is this device?

The nozzles on the penis are replicas of the penis, hollow inside, made of hypoallergenic and absolutely safe materials. It is worn on the penis to increase its length and width. Its use does not affect the actual size in any way.

An intimate product can be classified as a sex toy purchased for a number of reasons:

  • achieve an immediate increase in agency;
  • get new sensations;
  • give your partner unforgettable pleasures;
  • prolong intercourse.

The functionality is really huge and not limited to just one purpose.

Penis extender attachment

Types of accessories attached to the penis

This device was invented exclusively as a prosthesis, but received many variations, differing in the form of implementation and the effect it gives:

  • Prolonged. Available in most sex stores. Add 6-20cm length. Penis extension attachments are made of finely textured material that resembles real leather as much as possible. The lack of direct contact does not preclude both men and women from being able to experience pleasure.
  • No head. Designed specifically for adding volume. Some models have relief textures. It allows you to give your partner maximum pleasure thanks to the additional stimulation.
  • Vibrate. They run on batteries, so they are portable. The higher the gearshift speed, the more intense a woman's pleasure is. The vibrator in many models is made in such a way that it can be detached from the attachment.
  • penis enlargement
  • The thickening. Thick penis attachments are mostly open and are worn only on the body of the penis. For the manufacture of such devices, materials that simulate real leather are mainly used. The presence of a ribbed surface allows for further stimulation of the cavernous body and contributes to an even larger volume increase.
  • Difficult. An ideal choice for men with potency problems. They are especially relevant in adulthood. They allow you to enjoy intimacy even when the member is not in an erect state.
  • Relieve. Several options are executed at the same time. They differ from others with a volumetric relief model.
  • About the body. Made from cybernetic skin that mimics the skin of a penis to every vein and blood vessel. Designed to increase width and length. They differ in that they are represented by only one flesh color.
  • Falloprostheses. Completely imitate the penis. They differ from other types of penis enlargement accessories in that they can be worn over the male genitalia that is relaxed. They allow you to increase both volume and length.
  • Completely closed. They have a bridle that is worn over the testicles. The device completely covers the entire cavernous body and base. Only the testicles remain free. They are made of delicate and soft materials, do not include pressing and create any pressure. They are smoothed and embossed.
  • G-spot stimulation. Along with the change in the size of the penis, they allow you to increase a woman's pleasure by working on the most sensual part of the clitoris.
  • Beards, thorns, pimples. Another penis extension for many types of intimacy. A special relief can be under the head or completely cover the entire product.
  • Dual penetration. Another smaller one is attached to a regular faucet. It allows you to have even more fun without involving a third party.

Some men make homemade utensils. This is not exactly the right step. First, the cost of equipment varies. Second, the required materials are very difficult to find. Third, improper design can lead to crushing and consequent injury to the cavernous bodies.

Rooster ring

They are an alternative to penis enlargement attachments and can solve many intimacy problems. There are several types of chicken rings:

  • Regularly. Place under top or base. Apply pressure to thicken the cavernous body.
  • With clamp. Prevent premature ejaculation. They are fixed exclusively on the scrotum, squeezing the seminiferous tubules tightly.
  • With a vibrator. They stimulate the partner's clitoris and give the man complete control over the erection and duration of intercourse.

Rings do not solve the problem of the length of the penis, but they allow you to make it more voluminous and please the woman.

Penis ring penis enlargement

What material should you choose?

It is necessary to get a device not only in shape and variety. The feeling the partner receives, in large part, depends on what it is made of:

  • Cyberskin. Capable of transmitting sensations upon direct contact by touch. Absolutely safe and extremely pleasant to the touch. Heats up quickly to body temperature.
  • Rubber. Soft thermoplastic material. Does not contain any harmful or allergic ingredients.
  • Latex. One of the affordable and easy to maintain materials. Among the shortcomings, it should be noted that there is an intolerance to oil-based lubricants.
  • PVC. As a rule, it is used for errors due to lack of flexibility. Can be used with any lubricant. The composition of the latter is not important.
  • Silicone material. It ensures no allergic reactions and has a long service life. Silicone penis tips, like rubber, also cannot be used with oil-based lubricants.

The choice of materials comes down to personal preference and budget. Rubber is the easiest solution, but rubber, silicone and cyber leather will be more expensive.

How to use the penile attachment machine?

The purpose of the device is extremely clear. The variety is selected taking into account the wishes of both partners. However, when deciding to buy it, you must first familiarize yourself with how to correctly place the attachment on the penis:

  1. edge wrap;
  2. pull on the tip of the penis;
  3. distributed over the entire length of the penis;
  4. ring.

You need to use the device correctly:

  • always treat with an antiseptic;
  • placed on a member lubricated with lubricating oil;
  • with the exception of a few types, most devices are intended for erect penises only;
  • store the product in a dark place (preferably in a special box).

The device can only be used individually. It cannot be transferred to another person.

TOP 10 best penis attachments

It is quite difficult to choose a suitable nozzle for the huge number on the market. A well-deserved collection of popular ones allows you not to get lost in the variety:

  • #1. Add 5 cm to the length. Made of silicone, it is covered with a raised ribbed, easily repeating the shape of a man's penis. Recommended for use in conjunction with intimate gels. Can be used as an alternative to a contraceptive.
  • accessories to increase penis size
  • #2. Allows you to be the owner of a twenty-centimeter dildo and please your other half in bed. The product holds its shape and bends perfectly. It is odorless and harmless.
  • No. 3. It not only increases the penis but also prolongs the intercourse time. This is achieved through the use of elastomers - materials that precisely repeat the curves of the penis. This brand produces patterns that are patterned, smooth, spiked, and so on. There are no models with vibrator and scrotum ring in the range.
  • No. 4. Distinct head difference and repetition of all anatomical features of the genital organs. It can be easily stretched in length and width, allowing you to not "restrict movement" of the erect penis. The main advantage of the device is that it slows down the ejaculation process.
  • Number 5. Impressive size, lightness and firmness make this attachment a real gift for amorous pleasures. The rubber from which it is made is extremely pleasant to the touch.
  • Number 6. Increase the length and width. It differs from its counterparts in that it is made of an innovative neoxin material used in plastic surgery. Firmly enclose the penis, repeating the anatomical features of the penis.
  • Number 7. Genuine leather attachment with a second skin feel and more like a condom than a sex toy. Extra length is 7cm and width is 2cm.
  • Number 8. A real secret weapon that not only makes the reproductive organs much more impressive, but also stimulates your partner's clitoris and vaginal walls.
  • Number 9. The spikes on the head and protrusions in the base allow you to give a woman unbelievable pleasures in bed. The product is delicate and gives a special pleasant feeling.
  • No. 10. Presented in some rubber models. The stem has small spines. Opening and closing head. There are also smooth models.

Each nozzle is good in its own way. You need to buy one that fulfills your desires and will allow you to achieve maximum pleasure in closeness.