Penis lengthening - how can a man achieve a noticeable effect?

For men to feel fulfilled, it is important to be aware of their worth in bed. Sometimes the amount of dignity becomes an obstacle to this, seemingly not enough. How to lengthen the penis and what needs to be done for this is important that every man needs to know.

Is it possible to make the penis longer without surgery?

Contrary to popular belief that penis enlargement can only be done with surgery, there are many less radical methods.

Penis length gauge

Some have come to us since ancient times:

  • Massage and special exercises;
  • Drug use and creative developments with local influence;
  • Working techniques and equipment for stretching;
  • Folk medicine and herbal medicine;
  • Additional attachments;
  • The introduction of hyaluronic acid is only effective with the small penis head and the need to lengthen the penis.

It has been proven that in order to obtain a guaranteed effect, it is necessary to use several methods at the same time. Assuring the result is perseverance and systematic application of the chosen methods in the required time.


Massage is used by many men looking to lengthen the penis. The method is considered successful, does not require financial investment, is suitable for home use, another plus is the positive effect on potency.

The girl is not satisfied with the small size of the man's penis

Condition - strictly follow the recommendations and do it correctly, this will prevent injuries. Preparation is important here. To do this, relax with a bath or shower, then warm your hands and groin area.

Heat up for fastest results. Here you can choose 1 of 3 options:

  • Running. It is required to wave a member in different directions. This method also helps to get rid of nervous tension;
  • Thickness. You need to grasp the penis with your palms and roll between them, it is important that no painful sensations arise;
  • Relax. You need to lubricate the penis with lubricant and gently stroke from the base to the tip with your thumb.

There are several massage techniques to lengthen the penis. Method #1 requires a strong warm-up or an erection. Sequence:

  • Apply grease;
  • Grasp the penis at the base with thumb and index finger;
  • Forcefully but carefully pull the instrument toward you;
  • Switch hands and do the same;
  • The first week for a massage (taking into account daily procedures) will take 10 minutes, then extend the time down to a quarter of an hour.

The second method comes from the ancient East, and is called "jelqing", which means "milking". Thanks to him, blood circulation is activated, as a result of which tissues begin to grow. It takes 2-3 months to get results.

Jelqing is divided into 2 types:

  • Dried. Warm up and squeeze the penis with the palm of your hand, then pull down. Then switch hands and continue to stretch the penis;
  • Wet. After warming up, apply lubricant to the penis. Next, connect your thumb and index finger into a ring. Grasp the penis at the base and slide both hands toward the head in a sliding motion. If an erection occurs, the procedure must be paused until it subsides.

It is recommended to perform exercises in the morning - during this time, active testosterone production occurs, as a result of which the effectiveness of stretching manipulations increases.

The Tao technique requires contact with the glans of the penis. The fingers are connected in a ring, it is necessary to massage this part of the organ to bring the blood back. All movements are done slowly. After filling the head with blood, pause for 10 seconds.

Uli's technique allows you to increase the diameter of the penis. You must grasp the penis with the palm of your hand and squeeze for 40 seconds. It is important to avoid soreness and discomfort. The number of repetitions is 5 times. A variation of this technique is the Dual Uli. Performed with one hand, the penis is grasped at the tip, with the other hand at the base. Then the same movements should be repeated.

The last massage technique on our list to make your penis longer is done during an erection. You need to grasp the penis at the tip and base. Then squeeze the end gently and pull up.

Dietary supplements

Innovative creams and gels made entirely from natural ingredients also help to lengthen the penis and do it very effectively.

Supplement for penis enlargement

According to the method of exposure, they are divided into:

  • Short-term - the effect lasts during intercourse;
  • Auxiliary - reinforces the action of other drugs;
  • Long-lasting - after a course of use, the penis is lengthened.

Ice cream with ginkgo and Cola nut

A cream that acts on the penis through the penetration of the active ingredients through the skin. Long foreskin in men due to effects on the corpus cavernosum, in addition, the drug increases libido and prolongs intercourse.

Cream helps:

  • To lengthen the organ by 5-6 cm (according to reviews - 2-3 cm);
  • Lengthen the penis in circumference;
  • Increases a man's stamina during intercourse;
  • Offers the possibility of a variety of intimate behaviors;
  • Eliminate unpleasant sensations;
  • Bring new color orgasm.

The cream contains a complex of organic ingredients - Lagenaria, Aguahe, Ginkgo, Cola nut, lactic acid, allicin.

Bioflavonoid Cream

With the correct use of the cream, you can lengthen the penis at home, as well as achieve additional results that appear due to the high absorption of the ingredients into the bloodstream.

Among these, we highlight:

  • Production of male hormone supplements;
  • Enhances blood microcirculation in the penis;
  • Stretches the skin layers of the penis;
  • Activate local metabolism;
  • Get rid of excess fat in the genitals.

Herbal formula includes bioflavonoids, caffeine, ginger extract, aloe vera, ash tree, iron plant and seaweed, ginseng root, almond oil, echinacea, barberry, L-carnitine.

Gel with Maca and Thistle Peru

Men's lubricants are required not only for their effectiveness but also for their long-term effects. Special technologies are used to create products that are completely safe for the male body.

With the help of the gel, the following effects are achieved:

  • Lengthen and enlarge the penis;
  • Get rid of the complex;
  • The ability to diversify sexual acts;
  • Increases attraction and gives erection strength.

Similar results are provided by an all-natural ingredient, which includes Peruvian poppy, thistle, horny goat weed and lichen extract.

Nutmeg Butter Cream

In addition to its ability to lengthen the penis, the cream maintains the erection phase and enhances potency.

The impact is aimed at:

  • Penis lengthening with long-lasting retention effect;
  • Extend the act of intimacy;
  • Stimulate sexual desire;
  • Provides a prolonged erection of the genital organs;
  • Get rich climax with new experiences;
  • Nutrition of the body with the necessary substances;
  • Moisturizes the delicate skin of the penis.

Results can be achieved due to the content in the preparation of nutmeg oil, pectin, chamomile extract and trace elements - sodium, magnesium and iron.

Arginine & Golden Root Cream

The main task of the cream is to effectively and long-term penis enlargement, however, the positive effects of the drug are not limited to this.

The use of phytopreparation also helps:

  • Stimulate sexual desire;
  • Increase the tone of the penis and the elasticity of the epidermis;
  • Stabilize the potency level;
  • Improves the quality of intimacy and enhances sensations during sexual intercourse;
  • Carry out the prevention of gynecological diseases;
  • Deal with chronic prostatitis faster.

The creamy formula includes arginine, kelzan, golden root and ginger.

Folk remedies for penis enlargement

The simplest folk recipes also help to lengthen the penis. For example, you can use regular baking soda.

Baking soda can help enlarge your penis

There are different directions to do it:

  • Sauna with soda. The genitals should be lubricated with oil, sprinkled with baking soda and gently massaged with a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Take a two-minute break and remove the composition entirely;
  • Scrub with baking soda. It not only helps to enlarge the penis, but also prevents the development of genital diseases. Before doing it, you need to take a hot shower, then use a moisturizer;
  • Bath soda. They activate blood flow and prevent the development of inflammation. It is recommended to perform the procedure an hour before sexual intercourse, the tablet should be in an erect state;
  • Compress with baking soda. With their help, you can really achieve results after just a few applications. The powder is mixed with honey and applied to the penis, excluding the glans.

In addition to soda, you can resort to lubricating the penis with aloe vera juice or horse chestnut tincture. The latter is easy to buy at the pharmacy, although you can prepare it yourself at home.

In addition, traditional healers recommend using some internal means to lengthen the penis during intercourse due to a stronger erection:

  • Infusion of thyme. Pour 100 g of herbs into 1. 5 cups of boiling water. Cool, filter the water and drink for 4 months in the morning and evening;
  • Garlic. Puree 200 g of garlic and mix with a glass of wine. Close tightly and leave for 1. 5 weeks. Take 25 drops twice a day for 3 months;
  • Wormwood boiled water. Pour a teaspoon of seeds with cold water and cook for 10 minutes. Once cooled, pass through cheesecloth and use half a glass 3 times a day.


The device, the use of which in medicine is considered an excellent alternative to surgical intervention - stretching machines. The device is designed not only to lengthen the penis but also to eliminate defects, especially anatomical curvature.

Extender - a device to increase a man's penis

The mechanism of action consists in lengthening the penis with the extender, while tissues begin to grow to get rid of the constant tension. The effect of the device is long-lasting, i. e. the resulting penis size is permanently saved. It is recommended to use the device for a few hours a day.

The stretching machine is divided into belt, vacuum and loop. The latter is the most economical option, but less convenient to operate. The legs are not considered less traumatic. However, there are no clear recommendations for the choice - only a man with his attending physician can determine which type will be most convenient.


The fastest solution is penis enlargement, but they are suitable for those who do not care about the size of the penis other than the act of intimacy. With the help of the attachment, you can not only increase the length, but also the circumference, as well as strengthen the erection.

Penis enlargement

The attachments are divided into open and closed, if the purpose is to lengthen the penis, you need to focus on the latter. The optimal materials for them are latex and silicone. The device helps to lengthen the organ up to 10 cm. Another plus of the device is that the length of intercourse is similar to the action of a condom, since the sensitivity of the nerve endings is slightly reduced.

Other methods

Additional ways to make the penis longer include hanging weights and using a vacuum pump. The use of weights refers to methods of injury and allows you to increase dignity only in length. Due to the extra weight, the body's ligaments and cavernous cells are stretched.

To use it is necessary:

  • Warm the penis with massage;
  • Stick the patch on the front of the head, which has the effect of fixing the rope;
  • A small weight is attached to the thread.

The first procedure should not last more than 15 minutes. In the future, you can increase both the duration and the weight.

Important! If the tip of the penis is numb, it is necessary to reduce the load immediately.

The vacuum pump will increase the size of the penis and activate the male potency

A vacuum pump is a device similar to a pump. Its use prolongs male dignity, and at the same time activates potency. In addition, the pump is also effective in situations where a spontaneous erection is not possible, as it creates a vacuum that activates blood flow.

Rules for using the device:

  • The penis must be treated with a special tool - cream or gel;
  • Insert the pump into the cylinder;
  • Evaporate the air to create a vacuum.

The member is under pressure, and the blood rushes there. This increases the length and girth of the penis. To avoid painful sensations, the pressure level is adjusted using a pressure gauge.

The choice of a method or a set of methods is always up to the man, but it is important to understand that 1 procedure will not give immediately obvious results. Sustainable effectiveness is only achieved through perseverance and systematic actions.