How to increase penis size at home is realistic?

According to statistics, 80% of men have an average penis size. But half of them are not satisfied with the size of their genitals. And if some are resigned to the physiological features, others are trying to increase the length and girth of the penis in every possible way. One of the most popular methods to increase penis size at home is to lengthen the end with the help of special exercises and simulators.

To achieve a positive lasting result, you need to know how to properly lengthen the penis to increase. Performing all the manipulations according to the correct technique of skin tightening and safety standards, you can increase your bust up to 5 cm without any side effects.

Banana imitates faucet and expands

Is it possible to manually lengthen the penis at home?

How to increase penis size at home is realistic? The end can be extended by stretching. For example, African tribes have had the practice of penis enlargement for a long time. It was from them that the basic exercises were received. But for the effect to be positive, you need to take all actions wisely.

Penis lengthening is literally impossible, as it only injures the penis. However, with the help of special exercises and equipment, one can conditionally remove the penile body. The ability to lengthen the penis is confirmed by genital surgeons around the world.

What is the essence of technology?

doctor and penis enlargement

Techniques to enlarge the penis by stretching increase the ligaments that support the penis and also have the following effects:

  • increase the volume of the corpus cavernosum;
  • enhance blood circulation in the cavernous bodies;
  • accelerate the formation of new cells;
  • promotes vasodilation;
  • normalizes the elasticity of the vascular walls;
  • improve microcirculation;
  • bounce up.

These influences have a long-lasting positive effect on male enhancement. Results are achieved through intense stretching. Microscopic tears appear in the tissues, which are gradually replaced by connective tissue. Due to the compaction of damaged tissues, an increase in size occurs.

Regular exercise helps to lengthen the tendons woven into the protein membranes of the sex organs, stretch the sacral ligaments, and lengthen the trunk in a relaxed and erect state. The normal size of the penis is considered to be 12-15 cm in length and 8-11 cm in circumference when erect.

Male sex organs develop until the age of 20. So its length cannot increase until this age. After 20 years, you can try the popular skin tightening techniques, but they must be done with extreme caution. Otherwise, serious complications can occur.

How to lengthen the penis?

lengthen penis to enlarge

There are several ways to increase your penis size at home:

  • perform special exercises;
  • the use of emulators;
  • Massage;
  • the use of creams, ointments, "magic" pills;
  • hangs at the end of the load.

The most common are the first 2 methods. Special creams, ointments, gels often turn into dummies, and hanging things is harmful to health. In advanced situations, when the dimensions of dignity are very small, only surgical intervention will help.

Exercises for the penis

Penis enlargement exercises

You can manually enlarge your penis at home by doing various exercises. This method is affordable and safe. Intimate gymnastics provides a gradual, non-traumatic stretching of the penis, allows you to increase mass, makes the diameter of the trunk thicker. Regular exercise helps to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction, enhances potency.

The following exercises will help increase the size of the penis:

  1. Use your hand to grab the penis below the base of the glans, slowly pull it towards you, hold for 5 seconds, bring it back to the opposite position. This helps prepare the ligaments for the extra workout.
  2. Use your fingers to grasp the body at the base of the head, pull away from the pubic, hold for 5 seconds. Pull your penis out, holding it in different directions for a few seconds. There will be some discomfort when stretching, but not painful.
  3. Stretch the end counterclockwise in a circle. Do 25 circular movements, massaging the penis after each round.
  4. Grasp the tip of the penis with thumb and index finger, pull the foreskin as far away from you as possible, hold for 5-7 seconds. Using your other finger, press on a point at the base of the penis, sliding it along the shaft to the tip and back.
  5. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the penis, bring it to a partial erection (50-60%). Close your thumb and index finger in a loop at the base of the guitar, pulling along the body without touching the top. In this case, the penis must be squeezed thoroughly with your hands. The loop should be pulled slowly for 30 seconds. 50 stretches are performed per day. Gradually, the amount should be increased to 100.

Exercises should be done slowly and carefully. At the end of the training session, a massage is performed. Intimate gymnastics should be done regularly. Only then can good results be achieved.


penis enlargement machine

How to enlarge penis by hand at home without assistance? This can be done using a special emulator. The most popular is the extender - a medical orthopedic training device that provides the ability to gradually lengthen the penis. The device is inserted at the end, worn for several hours. The starting point should not exceed the existing face length by more than 1 cm.

In addition to the extender, you can use a vacuum pump, special accessories and an extender to enlarge the penis. Before you start training, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications, carefully study the instructions.

What results can you get?

Measure the penis on the example of a cucumber

Is it possible to lengthen the penis without surgery? You can find out if you can achieve a good result before you start working out. If the penis is in a calm state it will be easy to draw into a pencil, then without the capsule thickening, the exercises will be given easily.

The effectiveness of post-workout treatment depends on the frequency and duration of exercise. If you exercise regularly, you can increase the length of your penis by 3 cm in a few months. The longer you practice, the better the results. According to statistics, with prolonged use of the machine, it is possible to increase dignity by 1. 5-2. 5 cm.

The results of penis enlargement are determined by the individual characteristics of the organism. 30% is added to the original length of the penis. The longer the member is, the more centimeters are likely to be added. There are cases where it is possible to increase the penis by more than 30% of the total length, but this is very rare. Strengthening men's courage by stretching always helps to achieve good results.

The effect will not take effect only if the instructions for the procedure are violated. To demonstrate how effective it is, you can see photos of men who have experienced the technique for themselves.

How to dilate the foreskin at home

Measure the penis before enlarging

How to enlarge penis at home by hand? First of all, you need to prepare and make sure that the following contraindications are not present:

  • Infectious Diseases;
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • venereal pathology;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • fever.

After making sure that these conditions are not present, you can begin to enlarge the penis. At the preparatory stage, the following operations are performed:

  • Take a warm bath to promote circulation and relax muscles. Water temperature is 37-40 degrees. You should lie in the bathroom for 5-7 minutes. If there is no bathtub, warm baths are allowed. It is necessary to water the pelvic organs for several minutes.
  • After bathing or showering, wipe the end with a clean, dry towel and apply lube.
  • Massage your penis. Dip a towel in warm water, wring it out, wrap it around the shaft of the penis, exposing the glans. Rub the penis with a towel for 5 minutes. Take out the towel, let the genitals rest for a few minutes, repeat the operation 2 more times.
  • Dry with dignity, re-lubricate with cream.

After that, you can start exercising to increase the size of the penis. To achieve the best effect, multiple technologies should be combined. In addition, you should adjust your diet, have a healthy lifestyle and play sports.


It is quite possible to increase male dignity by stretching at home. Many men are convinced from personal experience of the effectiveness of intimate exercises and special exercise equipment. In a few months of regular exercise, it is possible to add 3 cm to the length of the penis. But to achieve good results, you need to strictly follow the instructions, as well as observe the safety rules.