Male penis enlargement - myth and reality

Make the penis longer, add a few centimeters to it - for some men, this desire turns into an almost obsessive idea. An idea that pushes you to dangerous experiments, some of which turn out to be simply financial losses, a waste of time and profound frustration, and some of which - forced to see a doctorurologist and long-term treatment.

strong man penis enlargement

The problem with the size of the penis really exists. Some men are born with a penis that is too small to fully meet the sexual needs of women. Men sometimes go to private medical clinics with this kind of "trouble, " and doctors can help men with small penises. But, unfortunately, urologists often face the sad consequences of "at-home" efforts to make the penis bigger.

Which member can be considered minor?

The concept of "norm" for male genitalia is rather arbitrary. Too much here is determined by the individual anatomical features of a particular pair. But there are so-called "average" values, based on which we can talk about whether a man's penis is small, normal or excessively large.

The starting point here is the depth of a woman's vagina. In unmarried women, this number ranges from about 7 cm. In women who have given birth, the depth of the vagina is about 10 cm. Furthermore, during stimulation, the vagina can lengthen by 150-200%. Therefore, the usual concept of the norm in relation to the length of the penis can be considered as values of 10 - 20 cm. A longer penis will cause discomfort or even pain to the woman, and too small will not allow arousal filling of the vagina and may become an obstacle to a woman's sexual satisfaction. .

How To Enlarge Your Penis Useless (And Dangerous! )

Penis size injected into the example of a banana

Literally, the Internet is full of proposals to make the penis longer by 10-15 cm, which in itself both warns and raises questions. Aside from the fact that all of these "miracle methods" are useless, they often have the potential to cause harm. There are 4 main groups of wrong methods to "increase" a member.

1. Ointment, cream, gel

Any "miracle" ointment on "Chinese" or "Tibetan" herbs, at best, will simply be useless. In the worst case scenario, they can cause an allergic reaction on the skin, which will then have to be handled by a urologist or a dermatologist.

2. Stretch by hand

A simple "old-fashioned" method, the essence is to sit with your hands and lengthen the penis vertically. For example, you can also try to enlarge the ear or nose.

3. Extensions

An extender is a special device that allows you to keep your penis "tight" for hours at a time. The tunics are almost invisible under the trousers, and therefore they can be worn as long as they like, but this also does not give the desired effect. Some men, instead of wearing lengthening devices, wear small weights that are attached to the penis. This also results in nothing but increases the risk of damage to the protein membrane or the cavernous bodies of the penis.

4. Vacuum pump

Not only is this method practically useless, but it also carries a high risk of damaging the soft tissues of the penis, which can lead to Peyronie's disease and other uncomfortable problems. Using a vacuum pump is helpful for erectile dysfunction, but certainly not for penis enlargement.

So is there a solution to the problem?

a man has one centimeter of penis after enlargement

Today urology can only offer men a guaranteed method to enlarge the penis - ligamentectomy. This is a surgical surgery, the essence of which is the removal of the foreskin, that is, the ligament to which the penis is attached to the pelvis. Depending on the individual characteristics, this method can increase the penis by 2-5 cm by releasing the previously hidden part of the penis.

If the hysterectomy is performed by a qualified urological surgeon, the possibility of postoperative complications is minimized, and the male penis is converted from the "small" to the "normal" type. , can sometimes be a decisive factor in saving a marriage. . Unfortunately, there is no other way to correct a mistake of nature being a small penis.