Penis enlargement pump: how to use, performance features, varieties

According to statistics, a lot of men think about penis enlargement. Currently, there are many means to achieve an increase in the length and width of the body. Pumps for penis enlargement are very popular among them.

What is a vacuum pump and how does it work?

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Using too much force when used can lead to undesirable consequences.

This device is made in the form of a cylinder, when used, it will be inserted into the penis. This tool can be used not only to increase the penis, but also to eliminate various erectile dysfunctions. In particular, penis enlargement pumps are often used in cases where other methods have failed.

The high efficiency of vacuum massage has been proven by scientists, it is an effective tool in getting rid of the manifestations of impotence. Today, the use of penis pumps is widely known in traditional medicine.

The principle of operation of the device is very simple. As a result of placing a special capsule on the organ, pressure is created around it, which contributes to a significant improvement in blood circulation. As a result, the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood, which contributes to a natural erection. The pressure generated in the vessel contributes to the dilation of the corpus cavernosum of the organ, thereby increasing its size. At the same time, it should be understood that excessive force during use of the device can lead to undesirable consequences. Among them, hemorrhage into the corpus cavernosum, as a result of which a hematoma appears on the penis. Therefore, the correct use of the pump is extremely important.

Features and design varieties

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All pumps have the same principle of operation.

All vacuum-type devices are characterized by the same principle of operation, regardless of design. Their main element is a transparent plastic jar, on which there are divisions. In addition, the kit includes a sealant nozzle that allows you to create a vacuum, as well as a pear, thanks to which the necessary pressure is created. Some models may also have additional elements, such as a pressure gauge, a special pressure regulator and a relief valve.

However, despite the similarity in design, pumps can be of several types:

  1. Handmade. Such devices are equipped with a special pear, through which air is removed. Their main advantage is their low cost, but to get a really good result you have to work hard.
  2. Automatic pump. To reduce the pressure in such devices, a built-in electric pump is used. It has a miniature design and is battery operated. In this case, the penis increases without effort, and the increase in pressure can be easily monitored using the built-in pressure gauge. It is best to choose models with adjustable suction power.
  3. Water pumps. A new option that basically uses water instead of air. At the end of such a vessel is a cuff with a small pump. Such devices allow you to get better results from the application with fewer contraindications. In addition, the water pump has a longer service life than the standard type models.

What results should be expected?

Is it possible to enlarge the penis with a pump? This question probably arises for every man who decides to try this device. Naturally, the pump promotes penis enlargement in a short time. The effect lasts for a while after use, but many men want to achieve the results longer.

In order for the effect of the application of the structure to be long-lasting, it is necessary to use it regularly. You will also have to be patient, as to get guaranteed results you need to use the pump for six months or a year. According to the testimonies of most men, during this period, the penis can be increased in length up to 3 cm and width up to 2 cm.

The effect is directly dependent on age, because the younger the man, the more dramatic the results he should believe. This is due to the fact that over the years the elasticity of the cavernous bodies decreases.

Choose the best pump to increase penis size

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When choosing a pump, consider the size of your penis.

This device should be selected taking into account the current size of the penis and the desired result. Experts advise when buying structures to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The length of the bottle should be more than the size of the erect penis by 3-4 cm.
  2. In terms of diameter, such a device should exceed the size of the penis by several centimeters.
  3. For starters, it's best to pay attention to the simplest, handmade patterns.

In addition, when choosing a pump, you should also consider the material it is made of. The seal must be made of soft rubber, this will allow it to have a really high degree of tightness. The best penis pump has a glass bulb. You can also buy cheaper designs made of durable plastic.

Pros and cons of penis pumps

Among the undeniable advantages of these structures, the following should be noted:

  • the ability to enlarge the penis,
  • impotence prevention,
  • no harm to the body, subject to proper use,
  • the ability to give a member a more precise anatomical shape, if it is curved,
  • reduces the sensitivity of the penis, allows you to prolong the duration of intercourse and has a beneficial effect on the quality of sexual relations.

The disadvantages of vacuum pumps for penis enlargement include:

  • the appearance of blue spots on the surface of the organ, indicating rupture of capillaries due to excessive exposure,
  • If the pump is not used correctly, the ability to get an erection may decrease, numbness and other undesirable effects may occur.

How to use the penis pump?

pump faucet rule

Using the device should gradually increase the intensity and duration of use.

When using for the first time, the pump should only be left on the penis for no more than 5 minutes. In this way, possible side effects can be prevented. It should be remembered that if the rules of use are violated, problems with erection and swelling of the penis can occur. Therefore, the procedures should be started with caution, gradually increasing their intensity and duration.

Application mode

The vacuum pump manual includes the following steps:

  1. Before starting the procedure, the inner surface of the vessel must be treated with a lubricant.
  2. They put the flask into the penis.
  3. Air is pumped out of the working vessel. For this, a pear or a special button can be used in different models.
  4. At the first application, a man needs to monitor his emotions. No discomfort, pain, etc. v.
  5. The maximum usage time of the device is 20 minutes. However, keeping the pump on the penis for such a long time is recommended only for experienced men who are using the device for the first time.
  6. After application, it is necessary to reduce the pressure in the pump by allowing air in. To do this, you can use both a special valve located near the pear, and a hole that is closed with a finger for the duration of the procedure. The second option usually appears in the simplest hand patterns.

To achieve maximum penis hardness, you must use a special type of ring. It compresses the penis, allowing it to stay erect for a long time.

Models with hydraulic pumps require additional preparation prior to performing the procedures. To relax the scrotum first, the patient should take a hot bath. In this case, you can use the pump 8 minutes after the water supply procedure.

When using pumps with hydraulic pumps, it is very important to increase the correct pressure. Periodically, you must use a special valve, through which excess water will drain out of the tank. Sometimes it is necessary to perform 6-8 dehumidifications to drain all the liquid.

Schedule of procedures for greater efficiency

Many men are interested in how to pump the penis more efficiently. For maximum results, you must use the following exercise plan:

  • for the first week, the procedure is carried out once a day, for 10 minutes,
  • in the second week, the duration is increased to 15 minutes,
  • the third week consists of exercises in the morning and in the evening for 10 minutes,
  • in the fourth week, the procedure time should be increased to 15 minutes,
  • Maximum exercise duration is reached by week five, about 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bedtime.

After completing this course, experts recommend taking a break for a month. After that, it will be possible to return to the exercises according to the described schedule.


Abdominal pain due to contraindications to the use of penis pumps

The device is contraindicated if you have liver and kidney problems.

The effect of vacuum promotes cell stretching. If the device is used correctly, then its effect is pulsating, without pain, discomfort and unpleasant consequences.

However, even when used correctly, the vacuum penile machine should not be used by people with the following medical conditions:

  • urethritis,
  • Diabetes,
  • foreskin disease,
  • thrombosis tendency,
  • liver and kidney problems,
  • diseases of the circulatory system.

To avoid negative consequences when using the pump, you should consult a specialist before use. If a man has at least one of the listed contraindications, he should use one of the pump analogues for penis enlargement.

Care and hygiene features

To prolong the life of your penis pump, you need to follow some expert advice:

  1. Before each use of the appliance, it is recommended to wash it with warm soapy water.
  2. All parts of the structure must be treated with an antiseptic.
  3. After use, the penis enlargement breast pump is washed with water, an antiseptic solution, then dried.
  4. Do not use kerosene to lubricate the pump. It is also not recommended to use vegetable oils and creams.

Penis pump review

This device is very popular among men who want to increase the size of the penis. Several reviews prove the effectiveness of the pump for penis enlargement. Here is one of them:

"I won't say that my penis is small, but the average size is not suitable for me either. I wanted to leave an unforgettable impression, so I decided to try the pump. At first, there were some difficulties. I took it, and I went to the doctor for advice. Turns out I was doing everything right, just a bit too much with the pressure. As a result in a year, I gained 2. 5 cm in length and1. 5 cm in width I am satisfied with the result, the erection is rock.