How to increase the length and width of the penis - the possibilities of traditional and alternative medicine

Even men with small penises are wondering "how to increase the length of the penis? ". It's a matter of aesthetics, taste, personal preference. Today, medicine in the arsenal has several methods for penis enlargement, the best of which we will consider in this article.

Should I Enlarge My Penis?

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First, the situation does not always require adjustment. If your penis seems small, just take measurements. Pathology rarely experts agree with a man. This is called micropenis, that is, in the erect state, the glans does not exceed 8 cm, if the length is from 10 to 15 cm this is completely acceptable. Sometimes a man wants to enlarge the penis, because it looks small in a calm state. But the initial length and width of the organ did not affect its size in the excited state. But a man wants his penis to stand out not only in bed, but also in the sauna, the changing room, the toilet, when he is with other men.

Second, most men who want to go under the knife to enlarge the penis may experience sensory disturbances. That is, his body doesn't seem to be what it really is. This happens with anorexia, when patients who are too thin are likely to still gain weight. A normal-sized man who decides to enlarge it is more likely to get help from a psychologist than a surgeon.

Non-surgical penis enlargement

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If you still haven't given up on the idea of penis enlargement, read on for more reasonable and painless ways:

  1. Vacuum pump. Vacuum is created in a special pump, thanks to which the blood flow increases suddenly and the penis becomes larger than before. And to prevent backflow, to keep the resulting size, simply clamp the penis at the base of the penis with a special ring. This method is used to treat erectile dysfunction, but its disadvantage is that the effect is temporary. When the action is over, your body will be the same size. There are also negative consequences here: abscesses, bruising, impotence, damage to blood vessels, loss of color and thickness of the skin. She simply thins out. The clamp should only be worn for up to 30 minutes, or you risk tissue necrosis.
  2. Exercises and other tricks. How to increase penis size at home? There are different techniques and exercises that, when performed for a long time, will help to cure the complexities of a small penis. For example, the ancient Arabic technique of jelqing. It is based on the daily kneading of the penis, its pulling. Gradually, you increase the massage time to 30 minutes of pleasure, but in no case allow yourself to orgasm. As soon as you feel that he is approaching, take a break. How does the penis grow in this case? It is believed that continuous micro-injury, that is, a single dose, leads to tearing of the tissues of the penis, the growth of new cells and the proliferation of the cavernous bodies. Men need to be cautious, clear in action, changing hands because any increase in load on one of the sides of the penis leads to curvature and other complications.

How to increase the length of the penis - traditional medicine

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Increasing the size of the penis has become involved, so medicine has developed several ways to help increase the length and width of this organ.


A great procedure, especially if you are thinking about how to increase penis width. A bloodless method, based on the introduction of one's own cells into the body of the penis.

During the procedure, fat is pumped out from any part of the body with a special thick hollow needle and injected into the penis. Thus, an additional volume, the width of the penis is formed.

Fatty tissue sampling is painless, as a catheter with a rounded tip is used. That is, when injected, it does not hurt the nerves and blood vessels, but just pushes them apart, the fat cells are sucked into the syringe with the help of a suction machine. There are almost no consequences, because the fatty tissue already belongs to the patient, so there is no rejection phenomenon. Instead, sometimes hyaluronic acid is used, but the effect is enough for a year, the course must be repeated.

Is it possible to increase penis size permanently?

In the well-known practice of surgeons, there are several ways: dissection of the ligament, located in the pubic region, pulling part of the penis away from the pubic region. This part of the body before the operation is hidden. Surgeons fix muscles, perform septum reconstruction surgery. You should not expect that after such procedures the average penis size in men will immediately increase by 10 cm, the most effective is an increase of 5 cm of viscera. However, if this result seems small, your surgeon will give it to you. recommendations on how to increase penis size, then you can increase 1-2 cm at home.

Indications for quick problem solving

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For surgery, not only the patient's wishes are important, but also the initial size of the penis:

  1. When the penis is less than 9 cm, that is, the specialist is dealing with underdevelopment of the penis, then every millimeter is important.
  2. With a length of about 12 cm, the operation is simple to improve the size and achieve visible results.
  3. With a length of more than 12 cm, activity will be added.

After surgery, you should limit sex. Time depends on the type of surgery. For example, when stretching the penis for no less than 3 weeks on a strict regimen, with an increase in width - 4 weeks, and if operations are combined, then at least 1. 5 months.

If you are not too worried about the size of your penis, you are a supporter of everything natural, then try the penis enlargement cream, which is made with herbal ingredients that do not cause irritation. The cream is applied twice a day, massaging evenly with massage movements. According to the manufacturers, it not only promotes the growth of the penis, but also prolongs the intercourse, making the erection bright, durable and long-lasting.

You can enlarge members in several ways. After a detailed consultation with specialist doctors, maybe even a psychologist, you will choose the method that is most suitable for you.