TOP 10 ways to increase penis at home

Penis up to 7. 5 cm long is considered small.

How to enlarge a penis at home and what is needed for this? Naturally, the most effective method is surgery. But not all men dare to have surgery.

Trying to make the penis elongate poses a serious risk to the health. How to eliminate possible risks and achieve the desired results?

Norms and methods of influencing parameters

The size of the penis often confuses men, you always want to adjust what nature has given. But just how justified is man's fear?

An ordinary penis has different lengths and ranges from 10 to 18 cm. So the average penis has a size of 13. 5-15 cm. These parameters are considered normal.

A penis of 7. 5 cm is considered small. Such a member really needs to be open and it should be better to do it functionally.

A period of active growth begins in men during puberty, size depends on a number of factors:

  • the concentration of testosterone hormone in the blood and other enzymes;
  • from genetic predisposition;
  • from a reasonable diet and lifestyle.

During puberty, the pituitary gland and hypothalamus are responsible for hormone production, work disturbances lead to undesirable consequences.

But it wasn't just these circumstances that affected the FC formation process. Penis size is embedded in genetic code. For this reason, physicians believe that it is impossible to significantly influence parameters even with a strong desire.

Modern medicine and pharmacy knows many ways to increase "dignity". Special exercises, creams, ointments and equipment will help.

Penis enlargement creams and gels

Creams and ointments

How to enlarge your penis at home? The ad claims that simply buying a special cream at the pharmacy or on the website on the Internet is sufficient. It will increase the IF without much difficulty.

What are the benefits of ice cream:

  • increases blood flow to the scrotum;
  • helps to feel more confident;
  • contains vitamins and minerals;
  • softens, moisturizes and removes irritation.

The downside of this approach:

  1. It is unlikely that the desired results will be obtained.
  2. Hormone-containing products, which means they have contraindications.
  3. May cause an allergic reaction in the body.

Most of the treatments given to men increase blood flow, causing the patient to experience a tingling sensation in the penis area. The cavernous body is filled with blood, edema appears, but as such, there is no development.

Vacuum pump

How to enlarge the penis at home with a vacuum pump:

  • the apparatus works effectively, creating a waste environment;
  • The
  • pump exercises help increase blood flow to the penis.

The downside of this effect is:

  1. Discolored skin.
  2. Bruises on genitals.
  3. Requires regular training.

Vacuum pumps have been used successfully by men to improve and prolong erection times. But the device can be used if you want to increase the IF size.

The downside of this technique is the low efficiency, in addition, a man can complain about bruises and hematomas. Exercise takes time and is best done while sitting in a hot tub, combined with other methods, or using creams or gels.

Pumps can be harmful and don't forget that. If you give up preliminary training, do it infrequently, spontaneously increase the length of the classes - there is a risk of harm to your health.

Work begins with a penis that has not reached its full power (stimulation level is estimated at 60-70%).

The pump causes tissue edema, increases blood flow to the organ, as a result its parameters change, on the outside it looks bigger. But such an effect, in excess, leads to deformation of the VF, causing problems with erection.

Cock weight

Endurance training

How to make a kid at home, the method of hanging weights, the nature of the technique:

  • needs to warm the shaft of the penis by massage (skin massage only);
  • then hang a heavy weight on the penis, let stand for 4 hours.

Pauses regarding the use of special devices, but if desired, you can do without them.

How to load:

  1. Applies a plaster layer to the skin of the penis.
  2. Protect your load with it.

The special feature of this method is that it often leads to many different minor injuries. It can be increased by just hanging the inverter lengthwise; Such operations do not affect width.

If the man feels numb or unbearable during the procedure, he or she should remove the load and stop the procedure.


This device will really help to influence the size of the penis. The results from its use are cumulative and persistent after training. The elongator expands the meat, creating the right response in the body (tissue begins to grow).

This process is slow and often annoying. For this reason, the extension agent is recommended for use in combination with specialized creams and ointments.

This method is supposed to achieve results. But do not expect that an increase of 10 cm or more, as a rule, a member "increases" by several cm.

Hydropump for penis enlargement

Hydraulic pump

Can this pump achieve results? With enough effort, skill and diligence, growth is guaranteed, but don't expect a miracle.

A hydraulic pump creates an effluent environment, like a vacuum device, but the device "works" with water, reducing the likelihood of tissue and blood vessel damage.

Hydraulic pumps do not differ in low cost, for this reason, before making a purchase, you should consider the pros and cons.

Impact Schema:

  • before the procedure, the organ is treated, an emollient cream is applied to it;
  • then started using the pump.

The effect of using is only temporary, for this reason it is advisable to proceed with the procedures immediately before the PA.

It is necessary to adjust the pressure during the entire process, which will reduce the possible risk and avoid serious injury.


Recently, hormone injections are becoming more popular in men, they allow you to build up your body, increase your energy and sexual potential, and affect the size of your "dignity". .

Hormonal medication is not indicated for all representatives of men, only for those who really have problems with HR indicators. The taking of such drugs is caused by a disorder of the body's activity, so it is taken under the supervision of a doctor.

Otherwise, hormones can cause serious harm to the body and disturb the functioning of vital organs.

Milking technique to increase penis size

Milking technique

The jelq method is an exercise done in a special pattern to affect the size of the penis.

Surprisingly, this technique does not require specific equipment.

Men's Jelqing Exercise, some options:

  1. Should warm the penis shaft with the help of custom means, you can use hot water, but it is better to give preference to a bag of hot salt or cereal.
  2. Then an emollient cream is applied to the PC, after which the effect begins.
  3. The organ must be in a state of agitation, but not complete erection.
  4. Finger squeezed into a tight, fixed ring on skin.
  5. Gradually begin to act (pull forward).
  6. For beginners, 40 is enough, gradually increasing their number by 200.

Another method or exercise:

  • should prepare the penis for exposure;
  • apply cream;
  • takes the scalp;
  • performs forward, sideways, backward movements (sequence is not decisive).

Such at-home penis enlargement exercises should be done regularly, otherwise there will be no effect. It is believed that this technique allows you to increase your IF by 2-3 cm.

What are the advantages of this technique:

  1. Increases blood flow and fills the blood vessels of the organ.
  2. Helps to improve erectile function.

Massage procedure

Is it possible to affect the size of the inverter with the help of manual impact? To do this, you will have to choose a method and follow it for months, even years.

I recommend the following massage program:

  • should warm up the penis, knead the skin with your hands, apply a heating pad or a salt bag to the surface for a few minutes;
  • prepare ice in advance, put in a towel, wait until the ice melts;
  • wrap PC with a towel after massaging and hot compress, leave for a few minutes;
  • repeated the process several times.
Male member enlarged

Complex for maintaining men's health

Kegel Method - allows you to cope with problems ranging from reduced sexual activity and ending up dissatisfied with the parameters of "dignity". Exercise is aimed at strengthening muscles.

Where is the muscle:

  1. It can be detected when urinating, as this is enough to stop the flow.
  2. This will strain the scrotum and coccyx, which is the LMB.

This exercise is simple and requires only one diligent man. How it's done:

  • requires at least 20 previously found muscle tension;
  • fixes the state for 3-5 seconds, gradually increasing the time.

Can practice sitting on the sofa, armchair, when working in the office or relaxing in the bathroom after a tiring day. The essence of this method is to teach you how to stretch the desired muscle separately from the other muscles.

Once this is done you should change the lesson diagram and increase the impact duration:

  1. Muscle is stretched, stationary for 10 seconds or more.
  2. Then rest for 4-5 seconds.
  3. The procedure is repeated at least 20 times, gradually increasing in frequency.

Natural penis enlargement

LLP exercises are a combination of several techniques, performing processes simultaneously using other available methods that can alter the inverter's parameters.

It is believed that this method is most effective due to the compositing effects.

A man can use:

  • vitamins and supplements;
  • simultaneously exercise by stretching the penis;
  • dilute processes with massage and warming;
  • for using vacuum or hydraulic pumps for their own purposes.

Consider one of the LLP techniques called stretching:

  • needs to warm up the skin of the organ by massaging or using a heating pad for this purpose;
  • apply emollients cream to the scalp, preferring specialized products;
  • clasp your fingers with a special grip (reminiscent of the OK gesture);
  • performs actions by fixing the ring on the skin of the organ, near the head.

The movement should be smooth, painless, but at the same time hold firm and tight.

As if the penis was pulled forward, this action allows to improve blood circulation in it and stretch the cavernous bodies. In the process, they are filled with bio-liquid, the flow of oxygen and nutrients is increased.

Enlarge the penis with a device


Is it possible to solve the current problem at home? The answer to this question is yes, but hopeless:

  1. The results will appear several days after the start of classes.
  2. The penis will not grow by 5 cm or more, only surgery will help achieve this result.

If nature has not rewarded a large size, then you should not despair, there are many different techniques, using them will help influence the situation.

Most effective:

  • Complex impact, implies using multiple means at the same time (the authoritative combination of procedures allows you to increase their efficiency multiple times). For those who don't intend to wait long, and want to increase as soon as possible, the NPL is suitable.
  • Jelqing has many supporters, which allows us to talk about the effectiveness of such procedures. Milking technique won't give a big boost, but doing it will improve the quality of sex life. Perhaps it is sensible to grab a chance and start exercising?


Even men who don't have problems with IF parameters, at least once in their life, have been thinking about how to enlarge their penis and what to do for this.

There are many ways, but their effectiveness should be judged on your experience, not on the opinion of Internet users.