The most effective ways to increase penis length and thickness without causing harm

A man's penis size is no less important than a woman's breast size. And most of both sexes tend to be dissatisfied with their size. Men who do not consider their penis large enough will suffer from serious psychological complications. Dissatisfaction with your body increases day by day, leading to loss of confidence and decreased self-esteem. There are simple and affordable ways to enlarge your penis at home.

Normal penis size

It is only possible to increase a man's penis size if it really does not correspond to the average.

When left, the size of the penis should be about 3-4 cm.

How much can be increased and should this be done

If the size of the penis is within the normal limits, do not enlarge. Penis enhancement is only needed in the event of a significant deviation. But don't expect great results - as real men's reviews confirm, maximum readings are 1-3 cm.

Increase length / thickness

With the help of various home remedies, you can increase your penis independently not only in length but also in thickness. As a rule, it is possible to increase the size of the penis by only a few mm, and with the help of the shaping method - up to 1-3 cm.

The main ways to enlarge the penis

Effective method for penis enlargement

There are many ways to enlarge your penis without surgery. The most effective ways to increase your masculinity are:

  • topical creams and gels;
  • traditional medicine;
  • engineering
  • jelqing;
  • massage;
  • uses geese;
  • vacuum pumps and other equipment.

The most effective way to increase the length of the penis is to perform surgery. But surgery should only be used in the most severe cases.

How to enlarge the penis at home

All the most common ways to increase a man's penis in the short term are divided into two main groups - at home and active.

At home, a wide variety of ointments and creams, vacuum pumps and expansion devices, as well as traditional medicine formulations are most commonly used.

Traditional medicine formula

There are many traditional medicine formulas provided by many healers and herbalists. For example, there is a known recipe with soda, for which you can "grow" a penis noticeably.

The essence of this method is very simple - you need to dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and water it on your penis. This method is not only useless but also dangerous because it can irritate and burn the skin.

Rules for their application

Folk remedies can improve the texture of the penis skin, increase elasticity and enhance the effect, but only with long term use. The slight penis enlargement is only temporary - this organ quickly returns to its original size.

Penis enlargement creams and gels

Creams, ointments, and gels accelerate blood flow to the penis, strengthen the vessel walls and ensure a long-term erection. Some of these remedies help prolong intercourse and prevent premature ejaculation.

How it works

Penis enlargement gels, creams and ointments contain active ingredients that increase the rate at which the cavernous body becomes filled with blood. Such drugs not only activate blood circulation in the penis area, but also increase libido.

There are many topical preparations available to help improve the size of the penis.

Penis enlargement pills

On the Internet you can find loads of ads that promise instant penis enlargement by a few centimeters. You should not trust such pills, because no drug can alter the genetic parameters inherent in nature.

The only plus point of these pills is the saturation of the body with helpful substances and boosting the reproductive system.

Using hormone therapy

Hormonal drugs are not only ineffective on a small penis, but also dangerous. Such drugs have many contraindications and side effects, they cause serious hormonal disturbances in the body. That is why only doctors prescribe them.

How to enlarge the penis with exercise

Among the effective methods of penis enlargement at home are the special exercises. They must be taken according to the instructions, as improper penile clamping can be seriously harmful.

Before doing the exercises, you should consult with a urologist who will advise on the most effective techniques.

By massage

massage to increase the size of the penis

Massage is also used to enlarge the penis. Before you start to massage the penis, you should warm it up. You can do this in two ways: take a warm bath or wrap your thigh in a warm towel. Such a temperature effect will increase blood flow to the organs of the small pelvis and penis, which will ensure the strengthening work of the reproductive system.

Massage can be done using a variety of techniques. According to one person, massages should be performed in an erect state, the rest - only in a resting state. Each man decides which technique to choose. You can try several techniques and determine which is more suitable and which massage results are most noticeable.

Jelqing Techniques

Jelqing is the name of the technique that helps to "stretch" the length of the penis and has become widely popular among men who are not satisfied with their size. The name of this system translates to "milking" - during the massage, light and smooth movements are performed, reminiscent of the milking of goats or cows.

Penis enlargement exercises like this one give impressive results, but only when done properly. For this method to be effective, you should carefully study the video of massage lessons and buy a special cosmetic product: a gel or ointment to facilitate slipping.

There are many techniques to massage the penis, but they all have common grounds. So you can only initiate the massage in a state with no more than 70% erection. It is strictly forbidden to massage with a fully erect penis, because during hand contact, a large amount of blood will accumulate. And if it's completely filled with blood, the extra bleeding will lead to pain and discomfort.

Application of weights

There are practical techniques by hanging different types of weights from it. But it's worth remembering that this method is very dangerous and can lead to injury to the penis and scrotum. Therefore, extreme caution should be exercised when suspending loads.

Weight can only stretch skin and body. But this method is not capable of extending it. Like before a massage, you should warm up with a wrap or take a warm bath before doing this.

Vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump is a pump-like device. The device helps to increase not only the length of the penis but also increase its thickness. The device stretches the tissues of the penis body, speeds up their fusion and renewal.

The vacuum pump works in two ways: it helps to enlarge the penis, as well as improves the potency and increases libido. The pump also helps in the absence of complete erection, i. e. the elasticity and density of the penis is not enough for a high-quality intercourse.

The member is inserted into the cylinder, equipped with a vacuum pump, the air is pumped out from there and pressure is created in the cylinder. The very effect of this pressure will help increase blood flow, causing the cavernous bodies to expand and increase. It has a vacuum pump and one drawback: although the organ grows rapidly, the results are not lasting. Hence, it is recommended to use the device only before being informal

Penis enlargement surgery

There are several surgical methods to enlarge the penis. Each of them has its own characteristics.

  • Ligamentectomyis ​​a type of surgical intervention in which the hanging ligament of the penis is crossed and brought out. Thus, immediately after surgery, the patient receives about one centimeter in length. After surgery, the man wears an instrument that lasts about 3-6 months. In general, the increase reaches 1-4 cm in length. This index depends on the anatomy of each patient.
  • Stem thickening surgeryis ​​a type of surgical intervention in which a part of the patient's muscle is taken and encased in the trunk, complementary to create long tissue.


Penis enlargement surgery is recommended in exceptional cases. This procedure is the most effective - it not only allows to stretch the penis, but also improves its thickness.

But this surgery has a lot of contraindications and side effects - many men face a loss of potency and a loss of sexual sensitivity. Hence, it is only done for health reasons.


Another way to increase the length and thickness of the penis is by implants. This technique involves implanting your own fat under the skin or implanting implants, but in the latter case it will resemble and be considered an artificial penis.


Hyaluronic acid injections not only help prolong youth, but also enlarge male genitalia. The maximum result is 0. 5-1 cm, it lasts up to 10-12 months.

The effectiveness of all of the above methods

All conservation methods are considered only effective for temporary penis enlargement. But understand that there is no way to get miraculous results. The only exceptions are surgery and hyaluronic acid injection.

What's the fastest way

Penis enlargement vacuum pump

The fastest way to lengthen the penis is to use a vacuum pump. It allows you to enlarge the organ almost immediately, but the effect lasts no more than 60 minutes.

The visual effect of the vacuum pump will be short-lived.

Which one will give the best results

The best results are obtained with hyaluronic acid injection, with minimal side effects. Injections enlarge the organ up to 1 cm. Results last up to 12 months.

Safety rules when trying to enlarge your penis

Use extreme caution when using home methods of penis enlargement.

In no case should you not rub your penis vigorously or hang heavy objects from it. This can seriously damage and damage blood vessels.


There are many ways to increase your manliness at home. When using such recipes, remember to consult a doctor so as not to harm the body.