This method of penis enlargement works with baking soda

Men take pride in their genitals, especially if the penis impresses in an aroused state.

But such cases are very rare. Frankly, what about a small penis? Or a man complex about this and dreams of a higher dignity? All of these obsessive thoughts have the potential to grow in complexity. Let's take a closer look at ways to enlarge penis at home using regular soda.

An effective way to get rid of intimate feelings is to enlarge an artificial penis. On the Internet you can find many suggestions for penis enlargement. This could be an ointment, bandage or surgery.

Many of these methods are expensive and ineffective, and some are not even safe. Is there a safe and cheap way to add inches to a man's penis?

There is such a facility. Believe it or not, this remedy is the most popular baking soda.

Let's see how baking soda affects penis size. What needs to be done to get the desired results. First, let's find out if the penis really needs to increase or is it just your nagging?

Could you have an ordinary one?

How to enlarge the penis with baking soda

Men will be amazed by the fact that the size of the penis is only important to you. For those of the opposite sex who expect intimacy, the length of the penis is not as important as you think.

It is much more important for a woman to feel tender towards her partner, and besides, it is important to keep the organ aroused during sex.

Scientists have found that the degree of sexual pleasure does not depend on the size of the male genitalia. In the normal range the size should be 12 to 17 cm in a state of euphoria and 7 to 10 cm in a calm state.

When a member is measured at room temperature, it's important to remember that there are no clear boundaries. The only reason to sound the alarm is when the length of the penis in the excited state reaches eight centimeters or less.

Summarizing the above, we note that if your genital size corresponds to the stated indicators, you may not think of organ enlargement, unnecessary.

However, if the young man does not give up the idea of ​​making his penis bigger, this is the result of various psychological reasons, such as sick habits and guilt.

Medical indications

There are situations when expanding a member is not a whim, but a necessity. List the main reasons when you need to enlarge your body:

Penis enlargement with soda according to the medina index
  • Peyronie's Disease;
  • Microperis;
  • Injury;
  • Hang fibrous goods;
  • Hypospadias;
  • Excess fat tissue in the groin area;
  • Epispadias.

These reasons may be the basis for specifying an agency's size adjustment.


Here are the contraindications to penis enlargement:

  • Have a mental illness;
  • Chronic illnesses are acute;
  • Weakened immunity;
  • There are abscesses, injuries, and infection;
  • Inflammatory pathology;
  • Individual intolerance to surgical operations;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases;
  • Diseases of the genitourinary system.

In such cases, operations should not be performed, even if resizing is desired.

Describes the process itself

This method is quite simple and does not require any cost.

Penis enlargement recipe

  • You will need baking soda, which is sold at any grocery store;
  • Soft medium sponge;
  • Small amount of sunflower oil.

Before you begin to enlarge your penis, check your individual content tolerance.

Stir the baking soda to a paste with warm water. Then apply the preparation on the foreskin and foreskin.

Leave the result mixture on skin for half an hour. Then, wash the composition thoroughly with water and ensure that there is no allergic reaction. If nothing is found, then this method can be used in the future.

Processing technology

You will need to apply vegetable oil on the penis, then apply a thin layer of dry soda powder on your genitals. Using a soft sponge, you will need to rub the composition evenly into the skin. The duration of the procedure is 5 minutes.

After stopping circular movements, hold the composition on skin for a while, about 3 minutes. Then rinse the penis thoroughly with water.

To avoid irritation, you should lubricate the delicate skin of the groin area with ointment cream, baby cream can be used. If individual intolerance, you can use soda solution at the rate of 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of powder. Such baths should be carried out for no more than 10 minutes.

It is recommended to enlarge the penis with soda a few hours before orgasm because the effect of this procedure is short-lived.

The penis enlarged by a few millimeters after the procedure. And this process itself is accompanied by mild congestion.

Effectiveness of the method

The effect of penis enlargement with soda

Scientists have not conducted scientific research or experiments on how to enlarge the penis with baking soda. The fact of the increase is confirmed by the men who tested this formula for themselves. For some people, soda increases the solemnity, while others don't even notice results.

There are some people who cannot experience the results of this procedure, as they have allergies and individual intolerances to the ingredients of soda.

There are some instances when men can expand their organs by a few centimeters with the help of soda. This takes months under regular procedures.

Only men who have used this consistency for a few weeks can reach conclusions about penis enlargement with the help of soda.

Cons and cons

Among the negative aspects to note:

  • Short term effect;
  • Increase organ by only a few mm;
  • Risk of allergy;
  • Risk of skin damage;
  • This method does not depend on the efforts of scientists.


In this article we have covered all aspects of penis enlargement with baking soda. After all, there are no complications in the formula.

A man, after reading this document, should ask himself a question, do I need this? The masculine quality does not depend on the size of the penis.

Also, male enhancement can lead to health problems. They are not too large and cannot compare with the consequences of surgery, but they are. Think if these risks are worth it?

If nothing is stopping you and you've made a firm decision to enlarge your internal organs with baking soda, we wish you a successful result.