Can penis enlargement at home? The method is really effective

penis enlargement

How many times have they written that it is not the size of the penis that brings pleasure to a woman but the skill of the man himself, to no avail. And also, our men are interested in the question of how to make a little boy at home. In the Guinness Book of Records, there is a man with the largest member of all time. And it also describes the misfortune of this comrade. And he doesn't have a woman, and he's always having problems.

And here's the cool thing - there are no gender symbols in this book. Neither ours nor the foreign's. That is, the boys take something else.

It is believed that the penis is really small only when it reaches 8 cm or less in an erect state. The remaining sizes are quite normal, and the main thing is that you can use your "weapon" exactly.

But, if a man thinks he wants a "French bread" instead of an active agency, then so be it, we'll show you how.

If you suddenly decide that you need an extremely large penis and go to the doctor, then you need to say that they are going to enlarge it. But you need to remember that any activity has not only a positive side but also a negative side. Therefore, it is better to postpone activities. Moreover, there are many ways to increase male penis at home, at no extra cost and most importantly without harm to health.

The folk method

Traditional methods are not a matter of ten minutes. This takes time, regular use and the correct dose. But the results will be seen not only in size, but also in terms of the strength of the penis. In addition, such methods will not bring any harm to health. This is our treatment of our grandfather and great-grandfather for a long time.

To increase the size of the penis, herbs like burdock root, thyme, sage, primrose root, nettle, psyllium, camomile, vintexuse.

For example, thyme is used as follows: they take the leaves, stems and flower clusters to make medicine. The roots have been removed, as they are not suitable for such purposes. For 100 gr. Ingredients you need to take a cup of boiling water, leave for 15 minutes, let cool and drink twice daily. After such treatment, the condition of the whole body improves, the genitourinary system begins to function better.

Or another example - wormwood. For broth, you need to take 5 grams of wormwood and pour them with 1 liter of cold water. Then set on fire. After boiling, 10 minutes will pass, after which the broth is considered ready. Water is used to cool and filter for water. After that, you can drink one glass per day. Such a folk remedy has a wonderful effect on the circulatory system. The blood vessels become toned, contributing to penis enlargement.

Traditional penis enlargement methods

Aloe juice has a very good effect on the body. In general, it completely stimulates all biological processes. And enlarging the penis with it is pretty easy. Just add 0. 5 kg of aloe leaves and a few teaspoons of honey to half a liter of vodka. Mix all of these and put it in a cool dark place for 7 weeks. And then this tincture is taken 3-4 times a day an hour before meals.

Ordinary garlic has a magical effect. It is often considered a miracle cure in the intimate area. Many of our ancestors tried to enlarge their penis in a very simple way - chopped 10 garlic cloves and poured 0. 5 liters of alcohol. Mix it all up. Let it infuse for 10 days. Then, for a month, take this drug 20 drops per day. The results will surprise you.

Also, there are other plant materials that can enlarge the penis. For example, this is ginseng. He is known to everyone as the root of life. So it is very useful for the "male lead" agency. It can be taken in alcohol form, as well as in powder form.

Eating watermelon is very healthy. Yes Yes! This giant berry has citrulline in its fruit, which helps to stimulate blood vessels and improve blood flow, which means it promotes penis growth. Just don't eat the watermelon right before the date - during this time member won't grow to huge size, but you'll have to "run".

watermelon to enlarge the penis

Supplements are also available, but the article will not be written about them, as each drug must be discussed with the doctor. Maybe your doctor will prescribe them, but if you have high blood pressure, allergies or heart problems, then you will have to turn them down. However, you should consult your doctor.

For those who decide to enlarge their penis at home, it should be remembered that all traditional methods are sure to have a positive effect on organ health and size, just maybe the result. should not expect the next day. Be diligent on the medication for two to three weeks, and the results will not show up slowly.

It is important to remember that not only fluids should be given, but also a completely healthy lifestyle. With the constant violation of rest, sleep, no proper nutrition, or exercise, even a very large organ will refuse to function like a clock. This is not an exaggeration or a threat. For example, smoking leads to the fact that blood vessels are narrowed, and this has a very negative effect on not only the size of the penis, but also on its "reliability".

Special equipment

Jelqing is a special technique used to enlarge the penis. Jelqing was even used by Romans and Greeks when they wanted to surprise their women with the royal size of their penis. This technique has been used very widely in the East.

Jelqing likes to masturbate a little bit, but it's different. Here's what to do:

jelqing for penis enlargement
  • prepare a warm bath (this technique requires humid and hot environments);
  • should lubricate the genitals with a special cream;
  • then you need to massage your organs until a mild erection appears;
  • pretend you're okay (thumb and ring finger);
  • in this level you need to stick a piece and pull as much as possible. It should be noted that there must be no feelings of pain and discomfort!
  • This exercise should be repeated 10 to 15 times per day;

If you feel pain or discomfort, stop exercising. If nothing unpleasant is felt, then such a technique will very quickly yield positive results.

In addition to the technique is particularly effective, but for some reason that might not work, you can do some other exercises.

Another thing you can do is heat the cereal and put it in a tight bag. This coating warms the penis (you need to work very carefully so as not to burn the delicate skin of the penis), press the bag against the penis to achieve an incomplete erection. In this state, the base of the penis is grabbed with the fingers and pulled up, as if stretched. It is not necessary to bring the fingers to the head, the traction through the body of the organ is sufficient. During the day, you need to do 20 approaches, delivering 200 movements.

If an erection occurs, stop the movements, your task is to perform all of these exercises in a calm state. Once the member has calmed down, you can continue.

Another exercise is to grab the penis with the entire palm of your hand and squeeze for about 10 seconds. At the same time, the organ is not only held in the hand, but is pulled alternately in all directions - up, to the sides, down. Exercise is also done carefully, avoiding unpleasant feelings.

Special equipment

Special equipment for penis enlargement

To enlarge your penis at home, you can use a small, especially effective device.

Extender - most popular among men. Not only increases the length of the penis, but also increases the width.

Such a device could be a belt, a loop or a vacuum. They cost different, and the method of acting on the penis is also slightly different. The nature of the job is as follows - the penis is placed in the part that holds the sides and is fixed. On the sides of the penis there are special springs that gently stretch the body of the organ. This device harnesses the penis's natural ability to stretch when exposed to physical forces. Effective penis enlargement will occur after a few weeks of regular use of this device.

Proper usage of the device, degree of grip and frequency - this will be written directly in the manual. And you can buy such an extender in the intimate stores, you can order it online.

Pulling with weights

Since ancient times, the following formula has come to us - how to enlarge the penis with the help of special weights. Yes, there is such a method, but you need to be properly prepared for the suspension.

pull with dumbbells

First, the penis needs to be warmed by a special massage. Then it is best to apply a layer of adhesive plaster in front of the tip of the penis so as not to damage fragile tissues and only then hang the weight itself onto a string.

The first time you hang the bar for no more than 3 minutes, you can only hold it for 1 minute. Time should be gradually increased.

In these exercises, you need to stay upright and not move. Any sudden, awkward movement can damage the skin and cause pain.

Ensure that the head of the penis is not affected by weight.

Regular exercise will help you enlarge your penis by 3 cm or more for several weeks.

Special massage

To add dimension to your friend, you can use a technique like a special massage. If you exercise regularly, you will notice positive changes after 2 to 3 months.

To start a massage, you must first prepare.

The preparation phase involves preparing the hands and the penis. Hands and organs are washed, creating a quiet, calm environment. Then a warm wet napkin is applied to the clean member, with the help of blood rushing to the organs.

Massage penis enlargement

After that, the massage begins.

Apply a few drops of neutral oil on the hands and the base of the penis. Within 3 minutes the penis is massaged on the head and back with a ring of fingers. Member must be in a calm, "sleeping" state. Of course, after some such movement, the organ would make an alarm. However, there is no need to wait for "volley". The organs should be left in a strong state. Furthermore, the massage should be completed as soon as the penis is in a stable position.

You can massage not up and down, but by twisting movements. In this case, not only the length of the organ is added, but also its diameter.

After the massage is complete, rinse the oil off with warm water, wear loose-fitting underwear that does not obstruct movement, then provide warmth to the massage area. Ideally you should massage before bed, can go to bed immediately. Do not expose the massaged area to cold air.

Other options

In addition to the above, there are other ways to enlarge members. Soda usually gives very good results. To get the desired effect, you can make bath water from soda, compress, use to exfoliate and also use for massage. If the methods of penis enlargement are based on blood flow to a certain place, then soda does a very good job here.

Additional ways to enlarge the penis

Maybe a man who wants to enlarge his body doesn't fully believe in home folk remedies. Then you just need to see a doctor, describe your problem and the therapist will prescribe special medicines. Now, by the way, medicine has made a lot of progress in this regard. You can try ointments, pills, preparations in mixed form.

The last resort is you can participate in an activity. However, there are many alternative methods, such as penis enlargement due to the patient's own fat accumulation. Fat is injected with a needle into the body of the penis, thereby significantly increasing.

Anyone looking to enlarge their penis can achieve this. It is important to remember that all methods are designed for continuity. If you do the exercises actively for two days, and then don't remember it for several weeks, then you won't have to expect positive results. Should exercise every day. And this is not too difficult, as all the exercises are designed for pleasant actions.

Another thing a man should take note of is hygiene. Of course, every man should keep his penis clean, but here the situation is exceptional. During the movement, the organ skin has close contact with the skin of the hands. Oil is rubbed, particles of the skin of the hands remain on the penis, so it is imperative to begin the action just by washing and thoroughly preparing the hands and organs. It's not worth treating one thing and paralyzing another. Remember this!