How to enlarge male penis at home?


Main ways to increase penis size

If you gather information from many different sources, analyzing the main methods, you can distinguish some of the most popular:

  • Special putty. Their effects are quite suspicious.
  • Ascending exercise. Efficiency has also not been verified by nothing.
  • Surgery. It is considered an unsafe procedure that can cause many complications.
  • Vacuum pump. Some of them may be insignificant.
  • Gel based on herbal ingredients. Carefully selected natural ingredients can yield good results.

"More is better". For a long time, an adult was caught up in this truth - first folklore worshiping the penis as a symbol of fertility and strength, then amenorrhea friends. test, and later - disgruntled girls, the remarks aimed solely at male humiliation. What are we in the end? More than 50% of men of reproductive age and older dream of having a few more centimeters in their penis.

What is the normal penis size?

According to statistics, the average size of the penis in an erect state in the world ranges from 10 cm to 18 cm, naturally up and down, but usually due to the site (orrace), genetic or different pathologies (in cases of extremely small or large size).

Also, scientists have found that at rest, the length of the penis is 9 cm with a normal deviation of 2 cm.

When polling girls and middle-aged women on the topic of penis size they consider optimal for successful sex, respondents focused on the thickness of the penis. male genitalia rather than its length. According to the girls, thickness matters, and the more they achieve, the more times they have vaginal orgasms.

Big penis at home

There are several ways to enlarge your penis at home that are common on the Internet and heard. Let's look at the most popular ones and find out what works and what is just a marketing ploy to the desperate.

Enlarge the penis with soda

Yes, yes, you heard it right and you didn't think. You can enlarge the penis with regular baking soda.

Some alternative practitioners recommend drinking 150 ml of water per day with a teaspoon of diluted baking soda in it.

Such a solution has a beneficial effect on the body, eliminating toxins and thus improving the quality and duration of intercourse. However, there are no reliable data confirming an increase in the penis after taking a soda solution.

The second way to enlarge the penis with baking soda is to take a warm bath. We do the same solution we talked about above, and put the male genitalia in it for 2-5 minutes. This procedure should be done one hour - 40 minutes before sex.

The effect of this method is due to the improvement of blood circulation and vasodilation in the penis. That is, during an erection, you can factor in an increase in your normal size by one to two centimeters in length and the same width. It should be noted that regular warm baths with soda are important, because the effect is temporary and nothing will happen for a while.

Penis enlargement pump

Sly scientists have invented an amazing device - a special pump to enlarge the penis at home.

The pump is vacuum operated and is not only used to increase the size of a man's penis but also to cure various ailments, for example erectile dysfunction, post prostate surgery or rehabilitationfunction after radiation therapy. In general, absolute benefits, and nothing more.

How the pump works

You place your penis in the pump and create an internal vacuum with a special hand pump (or by pressing the button if the pump is electric). With an even increase in pressure, blood circulation in the penis is activated and it increases in size, and more so than with a natural erection.

Pros and cons of using a penis pump

This method is the most harmless and with the correct use of the pump you will not be able to cause injury to yourself. However, with regular use, minor bruises can occur due to trauma to the vessels near the skin.

How many centimeters can the penis enlarge with a pump? If you trust real people's comments, 10 percent is sure. However, keep in mind that the effect of penis enlargement does not last forever, usually it lasts for a few hours and after some time the penis returns to its normal size.

If the pump is used regularly, you can achieve a lasting effect, but in this case it will need to be used several times per day for many years. And this frequency threatens you with lymphedema and darkening of the skin.

Small boy enlargement exercise

There are some exercises to increase the size of the penis. They are meant to lengthen the cavernous bodies of the penis and can remind you of erotic massage or masturbation with certain rules. The main method for increasing penis size at home using exercises is called jelqing.

Jelqing Techniques

Before doing the exercises, it is necessary to properly heat the penis. This will protect you from injury and minimize pain that can occur if you train too hard.

Prepare a heating pad. Heat a little salt in a dry pan and place in a sock. Place a warm sock on your penis one after another to warm it from all sides.

If you don't mind the heating pad, use a warm damp washcloth or shower but don't sit for too long.

After you warm up the penis, start jelqing.

  • Apply lubricant along the entire length of the penis.
  • Bring your thumb and index finger together so they form a circular letter “o”.
  • Begins to move up and down the penis, causing a little irritation, but not a complete erection.
  • Now, when you move, give it a bit more effort, as if squeezing a member. Pull out the finger ring slowly (more than 30 seconds) while avoiding the tip of the penis. 50 repetitions is sufficient.
  • Then you can start squeezing with the palm of your hand. Place the penis between your extended palms and force it, squeeze it vigorously for 10 seconds, then pull sideways and forward. Repeat 50 times.

Do these simple exercises twice a day, you will achieve good results in penis enlargement. Remember that the most important thing about jelqing is regular exercise.

One week after starting jelqing, you can increase the number of reps to 100 or 200, depending on your decision and your health condition.

According to the men who regularly practice jelqing, on average they can grow 2 cm.

Penis Enlargement Cream

You can often find ads for creams and ointments to increase the size of the boy. And it can sometimes be very attractive - but of course, just anointing, and already a few more centimeters in circumference and length.

In fact, all such ointments are only temporary, because according to their composition they help to locally improve blood circulation and expand the cavernous bodies that make up the penis.

The composition of these creams is based on natural ingredients. For example, they may contain ginger root extract (which is a natural aphrodisiac, read more about them in additional sources), thistle, ginseng, a collagen complex for cabbage. improves elasticity of the penis tissues and even some tannins.

Enhancement pills

Another genius invention in modern medicine is the penis enlargement pills and capsules. Like ointments, their composition is mainly based on natural ingredients, which help to minimize harm and possible side effects during use.

In addition to increasing the length and thickness of the penis, the manufacturers of the tablets also promise to increase libido, improve erections and a longer intercourse. Some also improve sperm quality and increase fertility, which in itself is great for men planning to have children.

The only drawback is that penis enlargement pills are not so easy to find, they are not sold in every sex store, and even in online stores, they are very lacking.

And of course, there is no scientifically proven data that can either rule out or prove the ability of the capsule to positively affect the size of the penis, so this method is highly questionable.

Extend the penis with weights

Yes, it doesn't seem to be to you. Some people especially take the risk of hanging the barbell from the penis in order to lengthen it and thereby increase its length. Needless to say that this was a futile fun that would lead to disappointment, if not disappointment, then injury and rupture of the ligaments and cavernous bodies of the penis?

Don't try to hang dumbbells off your own penis, take care of yourself and take care of the kids you might have. : )

Enlarge the penis with hormones

Hormonal enlargement is real, but only if you are under 15. This is a disappointment. Otherwise, you will get a whole host of negative effects from taking hormones.

In the bodybuilding community, there is an opinion that taking the hormone gonadotropin has a beneficial effect on the penis and induces its growth. In fact, there will be many more side effects from such therapy. Yes, gonadotropin improves erections and the quality of intercourse, but this is where all the benefits end and problems begin, or more precisely, hormonal disruption in the body.

There is also an opinion that testosterone can renew the growth of the penis, and what does not develop during adolescence during this hormone increase, will "develop" in thehormone therapy. But in fact, the use of testosterone only works in 5% of those who want to enlarge their penis, which is comparable to zero effectiveness.

Penis lengthening surgery: fast and effective

In the world of modern plastic surgery, penis enlargement and length manipulation has become very popular. Let's see how this is done and in general, why.

Increase the width of the penis with implants

Counterfeit pills are indicated for men with erectile dysfunction and any diseases (congenital or acquired) that may affect sexual intercourse.

All prosthetics are selected individually and, depending on type and cost, have their own characteristics. The latest generation of prostheses, therefore, are special hydraulic and inflatable prostheses, which are introduced into the cave and perform lost functions.

Enlarge the penis by injection

There are two injectable drugs that are used to increase the width and volume of the penis.

The first is injecting its own fatty tissue into the penis and is called lipolifting. An extremely safe and fast method of rehabilitation takes only a few days.

The second type of injection is filled with hyaluronic acid. Using a syringe with microneedle, a special gel is injected into the penis, filling the space under the skin and increasing the volume of the penis by 1-2 cm along its entire length.

Stretching the penis with manipulations

Ligamentectomy - this is the name of a surgery to increase the length of a man's penis by cutting the supporting ligament of the penis. In modern medicine, a laser is used to cut a special ligament that holds the penis in the perineum.

Thus, you can increase the length of the penis by 3-5 cm, and the surgery itself will not exceed 15 minutes.

How to quickly enlarge the penis at home

There are many ways to enlarge the penis at home, depending on when the result is produced:

  • jelqing - in the complex, you can add one centimeter for a month;
  • Kegel complex;
  • massage;
  • of goods;
  • enhancement pills;
  • extension - effective after two days;
  • vacuum pump
  • ;
  • cream
  • ;
  • attachment.

"Tip. To achieve results very quickly, simply selecting one remedy won't help, you need a complex authority impact on the authority. "

How to enlarge your penis in a week

Hang Load

Hanging dumbbells on the penis is a quick, but painful way. Weight acts on the ligaments with cavernous bodies to help lengthen the length and increase the size of the penis. Perhaps the penis increases slightly in a week, and in 2 weeks can see the results as 1. 5-2 cm. What is needed to increase penis in 7 days:

  • Preheat the penis.
  • Use a string to fasten the plaster.
  • Pause the minimum load.
  • Stay in this state for up to half an hour. If it feels numb, the load is removed.

The load increases depending on the man's feelings. But acts of violence can be traumatic and numb.


Extender is another tool that helps you grow your penis for a week. You can choose vacuum, loop or belt. Repeating costs are more economical, but not as convenient as other types. The nature of the stretching agent is to elongate the penis, so that the tissues develop to get rid of discomfort. The outcome is not short-term, but if misused, it can affect effectiveness. We recommend taking up to two hours a day.

How to enlarge a member in 5 minutes

An instantaneous rise without consequences and forever is a myth. For five minutes, you can apply the pump for a short time. But this is a temporary measure to increase the size and maintain its effect. The pump creates a vacuum that stimulates blood flow and increases the likelihood of an erection. The effect will disappear after an hour.


  1. The penis is treated with a cream and inserted into a syringe.
  2. To create a vacuum, the air is pumped out. In this case, there is pressure on the member.
  3. Increased blood flow enhances manliness in 5 minutes. The device has a pressure gauge to help regulate the pressure.

How to extend a member for a day

In one day, you can get both short and long term effects by increasing it quickly. One of the safest methods of penis enlargement is special ball attachments. Can use open type or closed type. Such a device is suitable for dignity enhancement and long lasting erections. For prolongation, you should choose a closed nozzle type.

Should choose softer materials to maintain sensitivity. The silicone and rubber ends are almost invisible. A similar device used for several hours. Many people say results will show up in the next few days. And for three days, a man felt better in bed.

Pay special attention to creams and gels. The manufacturer guarantees 1 day results, but this depends on direct functionality of the product. There are several types of drugs:

  • Short term (act before sex);
  • long-term
  • (effect is achieved in about 2 days);
  • as an aid: if other penis enlargement techniques are used in parallel.

The most radical method not all men decide is surgery. Basically, the increase occurs in 3 days and the duration of the effect lasts a lifetime. Surgery is more suitable for men with obvious deviations of penis growth. If the penis is less than 11 cm while erect, the activity may be allowed. Similar surgical procedures are performed for:

  1. Add length.
  2. Thickening.

“An important fact. Surgical penis lengthened by 4 cm. Surgery is performed by an experienced physician under local anesthesia. "

The fastest way to enlarge your penis

After performing the above methods, men will decide for themselves how to enlarge the penis quickly and without harming the health. It is important to understand that no more than 7% of people in the world have a real problem with the size of their dignity. And the advertised devices won't give lasting high-quality results for a day. In this case, special massage and healthy lifestyle are recommended.